SimFans: Sims 3 Seasons Q&A (Winter Added)

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What types / strengths of rain there?
Rain is divided into 4 stages. Heavy, moderate, light and varying. Therein no thunderstorms are included, which are a separate but combinable weather phenomenon.The same four steps are also possible for snowfall, snow depth, heat waves and wind strength. So it’s all there and goes smoothly into one another.



What’s the deal with the temperature?
Besides the weather, there is also a temperature gauge. Who “Supernatural” owners are familiar with the moon phase icon next to the Sim-portrait. Left of it with The Sims 3 Seasons is an icon of the appropriate season / appears. If you move your mouse over it, you get more details on how the remaining days of the current season and just the current temperature. About the Weather Channel on TV and the computer can read a weekly basis in advance what kind of weather and the temperatures are expected.Accordingly, should dress your Sims. But it can of course always be unexpected rains, storms and other weather changes all types randomly.