50 Free Simpoints (Daily) in the Sims 3 Store

Update: SimGuruZephyr has helpfully provided the following explanation for the quirkiness of this feature.

Special thanks to Steph

Sadly it is US only.

As for everyone not seeing it… Because the banner is controlled based on the availability of ad inventory, it won’t show up when the inventory is consumed. Which is why some people will see it and when others check later it may already be gone.

The amounts available are limited and I don’t know the numbers we have available so it’s good to check the site every morning to get a chance at it!

I’m not a morning person at all so I totally missed out on today’s worm… maybe tomorrow? :\


Want 50 free daily simpoints? All you have to do is watch an add five times on the Sims 3 Store page! Each time is worth 10 simpoints, and you can watch it 5 times daily! To watch it, just log into the Sims 3 website, go to the Store, and look to the menu on your left; it should be below the categories, but above the sale and simpoints section.

Note that ad blockers will prevent you from seeing this option, and you may have to try a different browser than the one you normally use.


Limitation: U.S. Only


Note: As of 5:45 PM Central Time, this features appears to have stopped working and has not been working since. All reports, both on here and the officials, suggest it is missing. Will update as more information comes in.


Special thanks to Steph for this news.




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  1. Cassidy says:

    I only get 5 points at a time and havent seen none in 2 days

  2. Coffey says:

    That is distigusting EA should be ashamed of yourself s, so if you in the uk you get royally screwed out of points, it should be the same rule BY LAW for everyone.

    1. roisin says:


      1. dhdujhxh says:

        yes it should

  3. alyssa2020 says:

    i only get 5 points at a time and they show up right away and i have watched it 6 times and it is still letting me watch it. i have already got 30 free points

  4. roisin says:

    but i checked in the morning and it wasnt there! -_-

  5. IOhai says:

    It always shows up for me. Usually i get in about 50+ simpoints between two days. sometimes it doesnt come up but then i just click around on different store content and wait for the little banner.

  6. Brandon says:

    Huh, so no love for the Aussies too.

    1. Ella says:

      It does work for the Aussies! I only found out about it two weeks ago, but I’m Australian and so far I’ve gotten 1600 points. You have to make sure your ad-blocker is off and click around looking at different store items and it will pop up on the left hand side just above the make me an offer button. I can usually get 200-300 points a day and then there will be a few days of nothing and then it’ll be back again.

  7. eumaka says:

    I live in US and I only get 5 points at a time…sometimes I get nothing!

  8. sinajax says:

    Haven’t seen these in ages. I check every day. Nada.

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