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“Future Themed” EP, Last Game for Sims 3 Series


In today’s Q&A by SimGuruHydra, it is stated that after the release of the “Future Themed” Expansion this fall, all content created for The Sims 3 will be released to The Sims 3 Store.


Q: Are you still developing content for The Sims 3?

A: Yes. We have a brand new world, Dragon Valley, coming out at the end of May. We have The Sims 3 Island Paradise shipping on June 25 and we have a Future-themed expansion arriving in Fall 2013. Beyond that, we continue to create content for The Sims 3 Store.


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  1. Will says:

    While I’m not surprised, I wish that there would have been an expansion all about opening up rabbit holes and allowing us to run businesses, restaurants, etc. Unless this comes with the future pack I’m hoping that they realize how much the fans want this and bring it out as one of the first EPs for TS4.

  2. Cinderellimouse says:

    Although I’m disappointed that we won’t get our much hoped for business expansion for the Sims 3 (how could you Gurus? *sob*) I have a lot of faith in the store team. There has been some brilliant premium content released via the store lately like the Barrier to Entry System which is a big improvement on the Sims 2 ticket machine, I KNOW the store team can bring us things like a restaurant podium and generic register as premium content. A shop venue and a working restaurant would be EPIC!!!

    Come on store team!!! Don’t let us down!!! :D <3

  3. Cinderellimouse says:

    Simsvip, I hope it’s ok to put in the link to the OFB petition? I’m adding it in a separate post so you can delete it if it’s not allowed. OFB petition link: http://forum.thesims3.com/jforum/posts/list/600990.page

    1. SimsVIP says:

      No problem. :)

      1. Cinderellimouse says:

        Thank you! :D

    2. Sam says:

      If you mean OFB for TS3, it’s not going to happen at this late date. If you mean an OFB-type expansion pack for TS4, then I’m all for it. :-)

  4. gloomAviator says:

    Well, there goes any chance of having mountain camping and open restaurants ever on Sims 3 (unless the latter is included in IP or the future EP, which is highly unlikely).

    1. Pumba says:

      Mountain outdoors activities EP with open restaurants, that would be so cool!

  5. Moodbeam says:

    Umm, SimsVip I think you’ve misread that quote. It doesn’t say all content will be released to the store, it says they will continue to create content for TS3 via the store.

    1. Lilly says:

      Yes… Which means no more EPs will be released. Unless they’re going to release EPs via the store, which I highly doubt.

      1. Moodbeam says:

        You know what it is? I read it as ‘ALL content created for The Sims 3 will be released to The Sims 3 Store.’ As in, they would release everything we’ve had so far, ie items and such from expansions, into the store. Now I see, it’s, ‘all future content created for The Sims 3 will be released to The Sims 3 Store.’ This is what happens when you read something instead of hearing it, lol.

  6. Denise says:

    I just hope they’ll still put their effort and excitement into the last of the Sims 3, now that Sims 4 is coming out I’m kinda dreading that it’ll just be rushed and not as important.

    I’m thinking they will give up on fixes for problems with the Sims 3 now too :(

    1. Alesha says:

      Especially the makeover station age reset glitch; been having it for about 3 years.

      1. Denise says:

        Exactly! I stopped using the makeover thing, because it was driving me crazy. And there are so many other things that still don’t work right and would have made it more fun to play, if we could

  7. Denise says:

    Oh, I forgot to ask, I thought it was a “Time Travel” EP? Or did I get that wrong? I thought they could go to the past too, or maybe that was just speculation and they didn’t mention that?

  8. SteveG says:

    First off i love sims vip, what an awesome website! I have actually become rather hooked and bookmarked and look everyday now for new news, best place to come if you ask me! always have it first. also im kind of sad there’s no open for you know what coming but i didn’t really want it until i read all the posts about people wanting it and then thought back to sims 2 and realized i loved it. back then i didnt so much. Im going to just let the chips fall where they may. Im most happy about the sims 4 being offline tbh but also im looking forward to a fresh start and something new, new graphics which i hope look like the actual sims we saw and not pre renders and those pics you get on covers of eps that look nothing like the actual sims (sorry but i think a few simmers would agree) :-)

  9. pilouuuu says:

    Well, it had to end eventually, didn’t it? And we’re getting 11 EPs! Much more than any other The Sims game. I just disliked the fact that the game felt very empty even with 6 or 7 EPs and just recently it got interesting, but I’m glad that we have been getting so many cool things like open neighbourhoods, traits, wind, horses, scuba diving, moon stages, graffiti, mermaids, fairies and so many things that hint about what the franchise may bring in the future.

    I’m so glad to know that it will be a single-player offline experience, so the chance of they destroying this franchise is pretty slim. I just hope that they really innovate with The Sims 4 and that they don’t keep on releasing the same stuff all over again.

    There are many cool ideas that can be made with a better engine like amusement parks, sports, farming, etc.

    Long live The Sims!

    1. Toto Caca says:

      Long live The Sims 3! Yay! \o/

    2. Jess1281 says:

      I can honestly say I hope they don’t attached zombies to moon phases EVER again….That said, no mummies, no creepy wo/man doll things, no unicorns (I still have yet to see one in the game…I don’t think they exist, lol) add elves instead of fairies if you must…I think I’m just burnt out on occults, as I don’t care if they’re in the game or not, just Don’t repeat the Sims 3 mistakes.

      1. Darrell says:

        One person’s “mistakes” is another person’s “must have” feature … they are never going to please everyone. The game has a long, long tradition of having supernatural creatures in the game, and I don’t think it’s going to stop. Better resign yourself to it now.

        1. Jess1281 says:

          Oh I know it won’t and I used to be an occult fan, it is just a lot of the ones added in Sims 3 were….lackluster. Leave it to EA to make zombies an annoyance rather then scary, they’re the glorified gophers and rabbits of Sims 1 gardening, lol. And not to be presumptuous, but does anybody really enjoy the mummy life state beyond trying it out to see what the heck it is???

          1. Enjoji101 says:

            I quite enjoy the Mummy lifestate – once I add some mods with it, lol… change the way they look and the way they walk, and I actually love the fact they don’t need to sleep or pee.. or change outfits! For some characters I have in Sims 3, that’s a plus. Also, my game freezes for like 15 mins whenever a Sim needs to change clothes (grr!) … The only downside? They get soaking wet for 2 hrs whenever they bathe or swim around – and they hate fire. Other than that, it’s kinda cool once you fiddle with it a bit :)

          2. Jess1281 says:

            Thanks Enjoji101! I was genuinely curious if someone out there saw the silver lining in them aside from making horror meme and what have you! I haven’t played with mummies since WA first came out.

      2. SIMplyTheBest says:

        You NEVER saw unicorns?? Ever? But how? I saw them quite often. At night you follow the bright shiny, sometimes a bit wavy light that streams up from the ground into the sky. They are a bit skittish, but kinda cool.
        Zombies really were more annoying than scary.
        I can’t wait for IP though cuz I am a beach freak :D

        1. Jess1281 says:

          I have yet to find one, I’ve even spent a few real time hours watching the nighttime skies in-game to see an aurora borealis that is supposed to herald the arrive of the Unicorn, no such luck. I seen an AB once, but by the time I noticed it and got zoomed in, No Unicorn.

  10. David says:

    I just hope the time travel ep will have lots of brand new content and interactions if its going to be the last for the sims 3.

    1. Pamela** says:

      Yeah, I’m hoping it’s jam packed with everything it could be. It needs to be awesome, have the sims 3 go out with a bang!

  11. Duke says:

    It’s a logical choice for the final expansion, in my opinion. The Sims 3 appears to be going out with a bang. It’s good they’re still making things for the store for those that use it so much. I wonder how long they’ll do that.

  12. catloverplayer says:

    I have to admit it’s kind of sad to see the sims 3 will be ending this year but after I get IP I’ve got pretty much eveything I need in the sims 3 however I’ll buy travel as well. It’s been a fun ride for the sims 3 but I’ll be buying the sims 4 and a new pc to play it on next year.

    I’ll still play the sims 3 often. I was hoping that the carnival ep and mountain wilderness would have been added.

    1. Deshong says:

      For some reason I am not one bit sad that TS3 is ending…I’m actually pretty happy to be honest. But don’t get me wrong, I have and still am enjoying TS3 very much…it’s just that I am more than ready to see what new technological advances there are with the improved TS4.

      I also would have really liked to see the carnival and outdoors EP as well but hopefully these and the others will carry over to TS4.

      Cannot wait until system requirements are released so I can start building my gaming PC just for TS4. ^.^

  13. Vitani says:

    In my opinion, they should have just scrapped this EP and instead release Sims 4 earlier :P

    1. Samis says:

      Not. I do not care for TS4. More expansions for TS3.

      1. Pumba says:

        Exactly! Thank you Samis! Here’s somebody who doen’t like to be trated as a cash cow who’s ready to give up a great franchise with the only excuse of “better graphics”.
        Come on people, you all love this TS3 game, that’s why you all come here. Most of you want a Mountain outdoors wilderness EP with open restaurants and mybe not a few animals like cows (not cash cows like they think we are, I mean MILK cows…). That would be the ULTIMATE EP to end the series in glory. They OWE it to us, that’s been a fan’s wish for years.
        Others will still enjoy the possibility to waste all of their money over again on very original stuff like TS4 pets, TS4 seasons, TS4 supernatural, TS4 university and – surprise! – TS4 Open For Business, because frustrating simmers for 4-5 years is a strong way to make money!
        And then everyone will get : “Ooooh! Shinyyyy! Waaaaant!” until a new idiotic announcement will come from EA : “We know you all love The Sims. So we have an exclusive news for our fans, that we love to listen to, and this surpsise is THE SIMS 5!!!!! Yay!!!!! Better graphics and animations like never seen before, this will take the franchise to a higher level, and in the same time, go back to the roots that made the sould of the Sims series. Well, that’s it. You can preorder The Sims 5 already from that link, and blah blah blah…”
        Then every emptied-pocket simmer will go again : “Oooh! Shinyyy!” $$$$$

        1. catloverplayer says:

          Scrap Island Paradise for The Sims 4? No way.

          1. Vitani says:

            Um was that comment directed at me? I was talking about the futuristic EP not Island Paradise! Lol IP looks cool. They’ve already shown a lot of it’s great features so I will probably end up getting it eventually. I have NO interest in the futuristic EP though.

        2. Vitani says:

          Wow. No offense but in my opinion, the real EA cash cows are the ones who will continue to pay for a game with an outdated game engine, below par graphics and poor gameplay, so in short, people like you and Samis.

          I’m personally done with TS3 and it’s ridiculous load times among other things. So please don’t come with this attitude of all us excited folks going “ooh shiny!” when in fact, many of us have long been expressing our desire for TS4.

          1. Darrell says:

            I have a great computer. I don’t find the graphics to be “sub par” at all, and the loading times are still great compared to the Sims 2 days. I would glady see more EPs for Sims 3. I respect your enthusiasm for Sims 4, but by the same token, don’t dump on those of us who are still eager form more Sims 3 content.

          2. Pamela** says:

            Yeah I am not too excited for the sims 4 mainly because all I can think about it the hundreds of dollars I have spent on the sims 3 – the sims 4 would be worse. I was hoping they’d wait another year or two for the sims 4. Either way I am one of the simmers who may not continue onto the sims 4 just because I can’t afford a new computer (just got this one!) and a new game series all over again.

  14. linzava says:

    I was super hoping that we could turn gems and metals into jewelry before the series ended. Probably not going to happen with the Future EP, sad. Collecting and transfigurification are still my favorite pastimes in the game.

    I hope you guys get your Open for Business EP though, I remember how disappointed everyone was with Ambitions. Even those of us who aren’t asking for it would be very excited about it and EA would make a lot of money off it.

  15. maria_loves_alex says:

    Given how big the sims 3 franchise is, I believe (and hope) that they’ll continue to provide updates to our sims 3 games.

  16. nez3 says:

    Bye, bye, Sims 3 (after TT expansion)
    Waiting for TS4

  17. Darrell says:

    After 3 “generations” of Sims, I am not excited for a fourth go around of Expansion Packs, Stuff Packs, store content, and the will they/won’t they forum fights. I am not sure I can stomach another batch of “I wantz weather” or “I wantz petz” or “how dare they add this EP when they haven’t even gotten to the EP I want most yet.” Sims 3 may very well be where I quietly step off the Merry Go Round. But time will tell. Maybe the will wow me to the point where I have to be on board. And maybe not.

    1. Jess1281 says:

      Well you could always get the game and avoid the rabid fans/forums/community, lol and I know what you mean, the above mentioned alone is enough to make a player throw in the towel some days.

    2. Pumba says:

      I see what you mean, Darrell. And you can be pretty confident all of this will happen.

    3. Pamela** says:

      Darrell, I’m thinking the same thing you are. Also, financially I can’t afford to get attached to another series. Sims 4 would have to be beyond amazing, which I doubt will happen.

  18. Iron Seagull says:

    Time travelling to the future sounds like a fitting way to end TS3. Hopefully OFB, carnivals, and farming will be in TS4.

  19. Toto Caca says:

    The reaaaally vague phrase about continuing TS3 store after Future EP is so full of s… They have stated this really quickly just to shut TS3-loyal-players’ mouths. They might release one or two lame X-mas decorations (since it will be december), then send us all go […] ourselves in store to buy TS4.
    Won’t. Happen.

    1. catloverplayer says:

      Not really because after sims 3 is over it will be several months before 4 comes out. I say the sims 3 store should continue releasing worlds after the sims 3 is over till atleast sims 4 comes out and maybe after.

  20. Amy says:

    A legit, full-featured OFB expansion would’ve been nice in TS3, if not very desperately needed. Although if we’re going to be seeing OFB-like features in TS4’s base game or at the least very soon after that, I’m okay with this.

    But please, please give our sims interesting, varied and in-depth ways to work in and/or run a business soon. Sure, the hotel management stuff is “something”, but you know what we *really* want.

  21. Jess1281 says:

    See….Movie Stuff is the last stuff pack!!!…. Ok petty moment over, lol. Figures it would end with time travel….Well to be fair each of the ending EPs for S1 & S2 were really full and enjoyable too. Makin magic is still a favorite, and Apartment was fun, and annoying…but mostly fun. So the yet unnamed time travel EP should be fun and enjoyable too.

  22. Razor says:

    I can’t say I’m surprised, but yet this is quite sad. I would’ve loved a farming EP or an OFB remake. (Just like most of us.) Oh well. :(

  23. Nikki says:

    Beyond that, we continue to create content for The Sims 3 Store.

    LMAO are they really serious? Why the hell should I continue to buy from the Sims 3 store when the Sims 4 is right around the corner? That would be dumb, pointless and a waste of money IMO.

  24. The Grumpy Sim says:

    And EA lies yet again…hmm, they said quite clearly, actually I believe it was SimGuru Ryan who said in the broadcast unveiling the rest of this year’s lineup…that the Future EP was the last for this year and not the final pack.

    Huh. So much for all the lies about how the Sims 3 has another two years to go (read that from a SimGuru sometime in this past six months, I think on Twitter….) and that the Sims 3 has lots of life in it (another Guru comment I’m quite sure I saw on Twitter).

    I am so relieved to not give EA any more of my money. It’s a shame that they own the Sims franchise. I don’t blame the Gurus…I blame the company they work for who feed us all these lies and nonsense.

    I love the franchise so much, but it’s definitely the end for me now…I just can’t stand the lies, because if it were all about the fans they’d give us a proper product that worked or at least clean up their messes before jumping ship and moving to a new version! (As I know they did the same with Sims 2….things left broken as they moved on to Sims 3…why did I assume it would be any different now?…this is why I am grumpy!)

    But then again, I also refuse to shop at Wal-Mart, because they are just as bad (but I digress..). Well at least I know I’m not the only sensible person getting off the merry-go-round (Go Twallan!). Now I can cozy up and really enjoy my games without the moral dilemma of whether to buy the next pack or not. Such a relief.

    1. SimsVIP says:

      “that the Future EP was the last for this year and not the final pack.”

      Actually he had slipped up at a community event and said the “final game”, then quickly retracted and attempted to do damage control by stating “for this year”.

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