The Sims 3: DLC Compatibility Alert
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When I try to install a new expansion pack/stuff pack from Origin, I get the following error:
DLC Compatibility Alert
It seems the base game for this DLC was not installed through Origin. For to work, you will first need to:
Select Uninstall Now below, locate the base game, and follow the on-screen instructions to uninstall it.
Download and install the base game through Origin by selecting it in My Games and clicking Download.
After that you can download and play




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  1. @Eivindbro says:

    Very helpful, I tweeted this to some of people who had trouble with it some days ago. Glad you spread it out to the Simsvip readers, as this seems to be a common problem now.

  2. Perry Elizabeth says:

    Thank you and Crinrict for this! I’ve never had the issue yet, but there is always the next time!

  3. Jennygirl says:

    This happened to me recently. It let me uninstall just the base game and reinstall just the base game through Origin with no issues and without removing all my other EPs. Obviously though her solution is better. lol

  4. Jaden says:

    Another reason to never touch Origin. AVOID ORIGIN AT ALL COSTS — it only causes problems and is not needed to run whatsoever if you’ve been using all disc versions of your base game and addons.

    I’ve always used discs for *all* my TS3 installs (I have every expansion, all on disc), and I’ve never touched or even installed Origin. I never have to worry about all the annoying problematic updates, and all the bugs Origin adds on top of the bugs with TS3 itself. Never had to reinstall or anything. Couldn’t be happier.

    Of course, you won’t have this option if you’ve already downloaded the base game, expansions, or stuff packs from Origin. If so, tough break. The main reason I’m reluctant to purchase TS4 is due to the fact they’ll be most likely legitimately “forcing” you to use Origin this time around.

    1. SIMplyTheBest says:

      The day that EA “forces” Origin, is the day they lose my $$$! :P

      When freedom of choice is compromised, it gets me mad to no end.

      And YES, I have EVERY disc they ever made for S3 (&S2) legitimately.

      From what I have seen & heard, I am thinking it will be disc or digital. But who knows what their final decisions will be. If there was no more discs, I would quit.
      Because once they go on to the next game, & if they stop support, you are Sh*t out of luck with your games & money later.

      Not all of us are sheep that “drop-their-games-to-have-the-next-latest-version”…
      (those that said they “loved them so much”, then toss them when the next thing comes along???really??…).

  5. MItch says:

    This is very sneaky of EA as I just found out the hard way the newer digital version of base game forces the launcher even if you try to bypass it. This becomes an issue when the damn launcher crashes every time it starts and then you cannot start your game. I was stuck in an endless loop till I installed the disc version and now they pull this crap. It’s just so they can get their over priced store crap advertisements in your face on that launcher. EA can kiss it.

  6. Jason says:

    OMG! Thank You so much! I recently bought the physical copy of the Movie Stuff Pack, but I installed it on the computer in my living room (my sister also likes to play). I don’t play it on the computer, since my laptop is actually better than that… and I was so annoyed to see that I couldn’t download it on my laptop after registering it! >_> But thank you so much! :D Now I can have it on my laptop too! :)

  7. Sock Puppet says:

    After doing some research on newer laptops it seems they’ve axed the disc drives. Since I’m saving up for a new laptop next year to play TS4, people like me will be forced to use Origin to install games.

    Although to be fair to Origin I hear their customer support is far better than Steam.

    1. David says:

      I’ve heard and seen the exact opposite. My brother spent hours trying to get proper support for his newly bought game and got nowhere.

    2. Starwind says:

      One phrase – “External DVD”

  8. Paul says:

    Too late for me! Wish I had seen this earlier before I uninstalled the base game and lost all my saves and Sim families! I never encountered anything like this before and will always buy the physical copy at the store and no more online purchases for me!

    I thought I had saved my Sims but they are gone and all my stuff I bought at the Sims 3 store are gone as well!

  9. Candy says:

    So helpful! Thank you!! :D

  10. Rachy says:

    Can someone post here what the solution was? I get an error when I click on continue :(

    1. Elizabeth says:

      Solution: To be able to install the download version without reinstalling despite that message, do not click on the Download button in Origin, click on the “i” (information) button. This will open another window that also has a download button. Click on that to install.

  11. Elizabeth says:

    Thank you! I got this message and was unwilling to uninstall the base game because it would mess things up (I think). This worked like a charm.

  12. Elizabeth says:

    @ Rachy
    Solution: To be able to install the download version without reinstalling despite that message, do not click on the Download button in Origin, click on the “i” (information) button. This will open another window that also has a download button. Click on that to install.

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