The Sims 3 Midnight Hollow FAQ


The Sims 3 Midnight Hollow will be available for download on September 26th, 2013. There are two versions of the world: Standard (2,450 SimPoints) & Gold (4,350 SimPoints).
We have nothing more than a teaser for the additional content that comes with the Gold Edition, but The Sims team will be revealing the content during the September 17th Live Broadcast.





The World also includes the Savvy Seller’s Collection Premium Content, which allows players to create, build, and run, their own businesses. The premium content includes a Register, Door, Rugs, Shelf, Pedestal, and Parking Space. The content also allows players to hire employees.

Additional content available for this world comes in the form of Simpoint Bundles. For $40 or $60, you can purchase 5,000-7,900 simpoints for use to purchase the world. These bundles include three bonus content pieces for male and female Sims.


  • Hexing Headpiece
  • Mumbo Gumbo Ensemble
  • Vagabond of the Swamp Garb

Thumbnail_300x300 (5)

Please note that the simpoint bundles DO NOT INCLUDE THE WORLD. They are nothing more than Limited Time Simpoint Bundle promotions with additional bonus content.

This world can be purchased with Simpoints, and you will also be able to gift it to friends. Below are some of the frequently asked questions answered by SimGuruTaterTot.


When does Midnight Hollow come out?
The Sims 3 Midnight Hollow will be released on September 26, 2013 on The Sims 3 Store.

Will there be a gold and standard version?
There will indeed be a gold and standard version. Details for the gold version will be released at the Live Broadcast on September 17, 2013, so be sure to tune in.

Can I gift Midnight Hollow to my friends?
Yes, you will be able to gift Midnight Hollow to your friends.


To learn more about this world and check out all the latest information released for this world, check out our Sims 3 Midnight Hollow Archives.



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  1. Steph says:

    you read my mind :shock: :mrgreen: thank you this cleared up any of my questions i had

    1. SimsVIP says:

      Welcome! :)

  2. kiwi says:

    I’m assuming this won’t have a retail release for those of us who would like the world but can’t get it from the store.

    1. SimsVIP says:

      Well they didn’t release Hidden Springs as a retail world at first, but eventually did. So don’t rule it out all together, let’s just hope they do. (I really want the box!) :P

  3. Evan says:

    OVER PRICED! That is not near the price it is. 43 dollars?!?

    1. DoD says:

      yup………………………………………. U killin’ me EA. KILLIN’ me……

    2. Mcfline says:

      That doesn’t make sense! I mean, how can this store world be more expensive than an EP???

      – EPs usually also include a world (Starlight Shores, Twinbrook, University, …)
      – EPs also include a lot of clothes and stuff
      – EPs add a lot of gameplay (while this store world only adds ONE ridiculous premium content)
      – …. this is just a joke, EA, isn’t it?????

      1. Sam says:

        The gold version is more expensive than a full expansion pack, sheesh. The game has become such a cash grab any more. I know EA is a business, but c’mon, they could at least sell the register separately. I want this world but won’t pay full price. Will have to wait for a significant sale. Too bad we can’t trade in Moonlight Falls for Spooky Hollow. MF was OK but a bit lame for all the occults.

  4. MadAtlas says:

    Great! In order to buy an item that should have come in an expansion or in the base game itself, I have to spend 40 bucks on Halloween town! Honestly, can’t they release realistic towns of environments that really exist? I’d prefer an alpine lakeside town or a Spanish town to this.

    1. CodyIsInLove says:

      MadAtlas they do release realistic towns, it is just you want to gripe instead because it is not what you want. Alpine Lakeside town….hm- Hidden Springs to the T. Spanish town….well this gets a little bit more fuzzy but Spanish influences can be seen in Isla Paradiso, Starlight Shores, and Lucky Palms. All great towns :).

      1. SIMplyTheBest says:

        Don’t forget Monte Vista is a bit close to Spanish, even though it’s copying Italy :D
        Right?…Being Middle-aged I might have it wrong?… LOOOOOOOL!!

        1. CodyIsInLove says:

          I found Monte Vista more Italy but there may be room for discussions sake :P.

          1. SIMplyTheBest says:

            Yes, you are right about Monte Vista more Italy, (which is why I said “it’s copying Italy”).
            BUT I was trying to do a quick brainstorm of what came the closest to Spanish stuff for a world & that’s all I could think at the time. :D

            I do wonder if they are now done making worlds for Sims 3, even though they said they will still be creating for the Sims 3 Store.

          2. CodyIsInLove says:

            They probably are not done with store worlds since they have not announced it as being the last like they did with ITF and Movie Stuff. We will probably get at least one more world :). The ratio of how much money it takes to create a world vs. how much they garner from sales is to great to pass up. It is not risky like producing another stuff pack or ep.

  5. rickycheng says:

    I hope Twallan ‘s Register do not get conflict with this new content..I am not sure he will buy it or not.

    1. Jay says:

      Twallan will find ways to update his mods. He always does.

  6. ZeekSlider says:

    So nobody knows how long the Limited SimPoint Bundle is going to be around? Because I’d like to get those VooDoo clothing just in case I play as a Magician again.

  7. Samis says:

    Will they release this world in retail stores?

    I want this, but I can not buy it from TS3 Store. :(

    1. Bo Na Na says:

      What is your Gamertag on the Sims 3? I would like to gift it to you^^

      1. SIMplyTheBest says:

        PLEASE Think twice before gifting!
        You are a very nice, kind person.

        “Some” people here aren’t very nice & can get downright rude to others.
        And it’s not just on a couple occasions either. Or just a couple people. Rudeness was also directly towards me, when I only give opinions or try to help when I can.
        It’s not necessary to be so rude or mean here. Sims is supposed to be about Simmers sharing their opinions, ideas, thoughts, jokes, fun with Sims, and even grievances against Sims game failures(but without the curses, etc) etc…

        “Some” people were probably never taught manners, how to read, or reading comprehension. Yet they wrongly “attack” others on this site & seriously deserve a lesson in reading & manners instead.

        I know its your choice, & money. But it makes me sad to think someone/others so rude & mean should get for free when the $ would have been better to have gone towards a starving child, family, etc…

        I love this site for up-to-date news, so I decided to just try and ignore the rude & uneducated comments from certain “person”/”persons”, unless it gets out of control. (but it’s hard because I don’t accept rudeness from my kids or family).

        Most of the people on this site are really nice & very funny!
        I love to catch up on reading while having my morning coffee or in between making dinner (when able to). :D

        1. Jess1281 says:

          So you aren’t saying its about Samis’s oft over-the-top rabid defense of Sims 3 and why it is, in her overstated opinion, the best game ever to the point of making religious zealots look sane, right? (And darn it, why isn’t there a “Cheeky/Snarky” emote?)

          1. SIMplyTheBest says:

            uhhhhh…and ALSO the parts where someone doesn’t properly read & shoots off STILL “trying to correct others” even when they were still technically wrong?? ahhh, nope?.. Hehehehe… >.<
            I will not name names, but I think we all know some of what I mean :D

            You ARE funny! Thanks for the chuckle!

        2. Bo Na Na says:

          lol I like you! Whats your Gamertag!?

          1. CodyIsInLove says:

            She is obviously SIMply TheBest :P.

          2. SIMplyTheBest says:

            I don’t use “gamer-tags” because I don’t play any online games.
            On Sims 3 forum I go by “SimplySimazing”, but I am not there too often. There isn’t enough time in the day to go everywhere.

            And CodyIsInLove:
            Your comment below cracks me up because sometimes my husband say “You’re still the best”…(usually to placate me for getting or making him something when he’s too lazy to get it himself, or to see me get red/blush (since I’m very pale with the Irish skin).
            I’m often the “butt of jokes” to my family, they like to see how steamed they can make the crab (zodiac sign).
            Should make my entire family in the Sims game….bwahaha!!!

  8. RandomOne says:

    Love that their bringing the OFB feature into TS3. Now THAT makes me want to buy it… But not for 43 bucks… I mean… IP was 40 bucks and brings WAY more content to it then this world brings and is 3 dollars cheaper. C’mon EA… What’s with the greed?

  9. CodyIsInLove says:

    I am so happy :D! Mind you the price is horrifying which goes perfect with the town but being able to build my own stores plus have a neato frito store that helps me get in the mood for my number one favorite holiday I am sold!

    1. Jess1281 says:

      Cody, amigo, ami, buddy…. Black Friday and Cyber Monday will be here soon enough if you can smack your “buy” button clicking finger long enough to hold out till then. The Sims store Cyber Monday thing was awesim last year…Soooo….Maybe, hopefully they go out with a bang this year.

  10. Cyberqueen13 says:

    I wish we could get the “shopaholic” trait!

  11. Cyberqueen13 says:

    Maybe that’s the price before the sale. Most of the time the worlds are on discount when they first release :-/

    1. SIMplyTheBest says:

      Yeah, with that price it’s a no deal for me since I can barely get the expansions as it is.
      I have 2 kids in college AND the youngest started his last year of high school, so picture my real-life grocery bills O.o
      ( 2 of my 3 children are boys, 19 & 17. They REALLY CAN almost eat you out of house & home. It’s only funny in the movies!)
      My kids mean more to me than the games, so THEY come first of course, before whatever I want. :D

      So I am waiting for the “Store-running part” to be sold separate someday

      Hope everyone has lots of fun with it though, since I heard so much crying for it the past 2 years!! :D

      1. CodyIsInLove says:

        What did you do in a previous life to deserve such a fate, murder someone lol. I know I horrify my mom with how much I can consume food wise.

        1. SIMplyTheBest says:

          I probably don’t want to know what I might have done in a past life…. >,<
          But OMG teenage boys can pack it like no tomorrow!
          UNLESS it happens to be something they don't like. Then it's, "I'm not hungry….got full drinking too much, was sooo thirsty"..etc…Kids, Sheesh! But my youngest, who's 17,, is gut-busting funny! He's like a Jim Carrey reincarnation. But dangerous at dinnertime since I have choked on food a couple times because of him.
          And speaking of Jim Carrey, my daughter, who will be 21 this month, saw Jim Carrey only 20 feet away from her.(maybe even less, the street is REALLY narrow)
          She was on her way home while he was filming the movie Mr. Popper's Penguins. The scene where he's poking the guard through the Zoo's gate.
          Our family is a huge fan of his movies :D

          LMAO : I just pictured SIms 4 Sim made as Jim Carrey. Fits right in with those goofy-as-heck faces Sims 4 characters are making!

          1. CodyIsInLove says:

            Lol. >=-D Do be so close to a favorite movie star would be great.

          2. SIMplyTheBest says:

            PS. “CodyIsInLove” :
            (There was no reply button for your message below.)
            Wanted to say that fame isn’t everything. Many years ago, my brother in law used to hang out sometimes with Tom Cruise & play basketball at his house. But I bet Tom wouldn’t remember him after all these years, esp after having been brainwashed by Scientology people…What a shame since he used to be really nice & more normal. They knew each other because my brother in law worked at a restaurant Tom’s sister owned-(not sure if only the sister owned it, or if it was shared).
            But I myself would love to meet Jim Carrey, he’s toooo funny!!

  12. Darrell says:

    So, it really seems like the toy bench might be making a come back. That’s cool!

  13. CodyIsInLove says:

    and by that music that is in the trailer is the SAME music from Sims 2 console when loading :)!

    1. CodyIsInLove says:

      *by the way

  14. David says:

    I’m hoping against hope they release a modern style register as well as the more antique one.

    1. Cheekybits says:

      I don’t think you have to worry about that, our modders are awsome.

    2. powerrock says:

      just use CAS

  15. lilsis3421 says:

    is it sad that i’m WAY more excited for this World than I am for the new EP?

    1. diagnull says:

      Nope. Ditto.

  16. Lee says:

    This looks soooooooo good! Love it! Want it!

  17. catloverplayer says:

    What you want a bet that jack in the box comes with a toy store for the gold version.

    1. Jay says:

      Or maybe… maybe a creepy new lifestate or monster… hmmmm.

  18. catloverplayer says:

    Oh i think the black female wearing the turban is Olive Spector.

  19. MidnightPearl says:

    looks awesome but abit over-priced, just for a store world, but can u imagine all the possibilities of weather, you can set this world to just winter, icy cold for all the blood suckers! Lol! The sims in that video are almost whitish, we need some colour, have some colourful simmies running around in that world, heck even the dark black skin in CAS, would be awesome, anyways, this world will make me cold and eerie, but I wanted something a little more on the darkside of Sims 3, and EA’s dishing out some good stuff, now that Sims 3 is ending this year! :)

  20. Simsfan says:

    I haven’t still bought Business as Usual Bistro and the Cow set (which I think can be bought in the game), and now this? DAMN YOU, EA!! If someone could even gift those to me… :(

  21. nina97 says:


  22. MItch says:

    From the trailer it looks like you get the money for the sale when they swipe the item and it doesn’t sell out. So no shopping bags. No sales socials. No restocking. Don’t get me wrong, I am excited we are getting SOMETHING business related but why does EVERYTHING Sims 3 pale in comparison to it’s Sims 2 counterpart? It’s the little details that make the experience.

  23. Dani says:

    Can anyone tell me if the cash register included in the standard version, or is it only for the gold version? If its the latter, shame on you EA.

    1. CodyIsInLove says:

      It is going to be part of the standard version and I can say this safely for the fact for some of the buildings in Midnight Hollow are stores. For the gold version like others are suggestion it is quite possible we are getting a toybench or something of that nature.

  24. Deshong says:

    This is the BEST store release and content ever so far to me, or at least so as of yet. I’m so excited

  25. nikki says:

    just wondering would their be a sale price for this new world or is this the confirm price for the standard and the gold edition

  26. powerrock says:

    i really like the look of this world and i am not one for fancy role playing type games .

  27. pixiegamer says:

    I really hope they sell this as a disc! I can’t make major store purchases :(

  28. Umino Shura says:

    This world is EPIC! But why does it have to be expensive?! DX And here I was excited for a new world…Have no money to buy it… T.T Curse you EA!!

  29. Simmer says:

    Aw I can’t afford it :(

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