The Sims 3 Midnight Hollow (Info & Screenshots)

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Please note that the Store Worlds and Premium Content Guides have also been updated to reflect all the information for Midnight Hollow.


 The Sims 3 Midnight Hollow Info Post




Create A Sim

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Screenshot Screenshot-2 Screenshot-3 Screenshot-4 Screenshot-5 Screenshot-6 Screenshot-7 Screenshot-8 Screenshot-9 Screenshot-10 Screenshot-11 Screenshot-12 Screenshot-13 Screenshot-14 Screenshot-15 Screenshot-16 Screenshot-17 Screenshot-18 Screenshot-19 Screenshot-20 Screenshot-21 Screenshot-22 Screenshot-23 Screenshot-24 Screenshot-25 Screenshot-26 Screenshot-27 Screenshot-28 Screenshot-29 Screenshot-30 Screenshot-31 Screenshot-32 Screenshot-33 Screenshot-34 Screenshot-35 Screenshot-36 Screenshot-37 Screenshot-38 Screenshot-39 Screenshot-40 Screenshot-41 Screenshot-42 Screenshot-43 Screenshot-44 Screenshot-45 Screenshot-46 Screenshot-48 Screenshot-49 Screenshot-50 Screenshot-51



Red Skies

Midnight Hollow comes complete with a rare “red sky” effect. During the night when clouds roll through town, look out for an eerie color display in the sky.

Screenshot-64 Screenshot-63 Screenshot-62 Screenshot-61 Screenshot-60 Screenshot-59



Build/Buy/Edit Town Mode

Barbed Gable Boxy Blocks Chestnut Nutcracker Classic Roof Ridge Classically Creepy Doll Coal Burning Stove Crafter's Workbench Draped Demise Finely Tapered Spire Funhouse Roof Decor Exterior Funhouse Roof Decor GoLightly Advertisments GoLightly Wall Covers Gothic Frigidaire Hand Carved Dining Table Hyper Hippocamp Illuminating Lamp Post Left Voluminous Curtain Lightum Candelabrum Floorum Lightum Candelabrum Tableum Luxurious Looking Glass Mural Moderne - Wide Mural Moderne Narrow Barbed Gable Narrow Traditional Gable Right Voluminous Curtain Savvy Seller's Parking Space Savvy Seller's Pedestal Savvy Seller's Register Savvy Seller's Rug - Double XL Savvy Seller's Rug - Extra Large Savvy Seller's Rug - Large Savvy Seller's Rug - Medium Savvy Seller's Rug - Small Savvy Seller's Shelf Sitting Pretty Gothic Chair Spherical Sandbox Star Shaped Rug Steel Roof Ridge Stiff as a Feather Sofa The Titanic Toy Machine Tiny Tot Toy Shelf Reorganized Tiny Tot Toy Shelf Tomfoolery Toybox Toy Shop Sign Toy Store Sign Truly Traditional Gable Voluminous Valance Wall of Tools Whittler's Workbench Wide Barbed Gable Wide Traditional Gable Cathedral Window Gothic Ingle Portal to Your Dreams Pretty Porch Fencing Savvy Seller's Shop Door Unstained Glass Window Vaulted Victorian Double Doors Victorian Double Door Victorian Single Door Windowed Victorian Double Doors Wrought Iron Spiral Haunted Azalea Haunted Boxwood Tree Haunted Boxwood Haunted Brambles Haunted Buckhorn Tree Haunted Buckthorn Haunted Cattail Haunted Coleus Haunted Fir Tree Haunted Hedge Haunted Hydrangea Haunted Large Cattail Haunted Pampas Grass Haunted Pansies Haunted Redwood Tree Haunted Rose Haunted Round Hedge Haunted Small Fir Tree Haunted Small Redwood Tree Haunted Small Spruce Tree Haunted Spruce Tree Haunted Sunflower Bunch Haunted Sunflower Haunted Waterlily Haunted Wild Rose Narrow Leafless Tree Thorny Bush Tree of Thorns Wide Leafless Tree Bubbles N' Books City Hall Facsinating Facts Observatory Fast or Fresh Hazardous Hideaway Noble Noshery School of Hard Knocks Simagon Alley St. James Simitarium Stately Stadium Talentless Theater The Just Us Justice Department World's End Mausoleum Wrongful Wreckage Broken End of the Track Interchange Train Track Long Straight Track Short Train Track Slow Turn Train Track Straight Train Track Swift Turn Train Track Dutiful Headstone Graceful Headstone Peaceful Headstone Respectful Headstone Bowtie Tile Corner Bowtie Tile Edge Bowtie Tile Diamond Flooring Corner Diamond Flooring Edge Diamond Flooring Geometric Tile Corner Geometric Tile Edge Geometric Tile Sun and Stars Flooring Corner Sun and Stars Flooring Edge Sun and Stars Flooring Center Well-bred Walpaper Circus Paneling Diamond Brickwork 2 Diamond Brickwork Gothic Arches Gothic Masonry 2 Gothic Masonry Left Clapboard Bracket Wall Left Gothic Arch Left Victorian Singles Left Well-bred Wallpaper Playful Paneling Pretty Panels Psychedelic Circus Right Clapboard Bracket Wall Right Gothic Arch Right Victorian Shingles Right Well-bred Wallpaper The Hi-Def Polka Scroll The Polka Scroll Victorian Shingles Voraciously Victorian Left Wall Voraciously Victorian Right Wall Voraciously Victorian Wall Well-bred Wallpaper Window Framing Brockwork Window to the Wall Wistful Left Wall Wistful Right Wall Wonderful Wall 2 Wonderful Wall Wonderment Wall 2 Wonderment Wall Wonderous Wall 2 Wonderous Wall Wooden Window Connector Wooden Window Frame Macabre Mailbox Abandoned Train Station



 The Golden Ticket Toy Shop



The Golden Ticket Toy Shop is a separate venue included with the Gold Version of this world, and is home to the exclusive Titanic Toy Machine. This venue also includes the Savvy Seller’s Register, which allows for the toy shop to be a functional business.

Screenshot-53 Screenshot-54 Screenshot-55 Screenshot-56 Screenshot-57 Screenshot-58




The Titanic Toy Machine



The Titanic Toy Machine allows Sims to create an array of new interactive toys. You can find the toy machine in buy mode under “Misc. Entertainment” for 1,900 Simoleons. The Toy Machine can be used by Sims Child-Elder.
The following toys can be created with the Toy Machine:

♦ Teddy Bear (Child – Elder)


♦ Misfit Monstrosity (View Only) – This is the result of Sims failing to create a toy in the machine.


♦ Doll House (Toddler – Child)


♦ Train (Toddler – Child)


♦ Robot (Toddler – Child)


♦ Baby Play Mat (Infants)


♦ Kite (Child – Elder) – Kites attract lightning and Sims who fly a kite run the chance of being struck by lightning even without Seasons installed.



♦ Clown-in-a-Box (Child)

Screenshot-69 Screenshot-70

♦ Drum (Toddler – Child)


♦ Racecar (Toddler – Child)


♦ Baby Bricks-a-Lot (Toddler – Child)


♦ Balloon Animal (View Only)


♦ Table Blocks (Toddler – Child)



Aside from creating a specific toy from the list above, Sims can also choose to create a “Random” toy. When selecting this option, Sims will create one of the above mentioned toys. Toys can be created with the Toy Machine, or purchased directly via BuydeBug & the Toy Store.


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Savvy Seller’s Collection



The Savvy Seller’s Collection consists of brand new objects that allow your Sims to run a business. The main object used to run a business is the register, and you can find it in buy mode under “Misc. Entertainment” for 100 Simoleons. The Register can only be used by Sims Teen-Elder.
Aside from the register enabling any lot to run as a functioning business, this premium content also includes rugs, pedestals, wall shelves, and a car space, used to showcase items when creating a business in any world. Any and all buy mode objects placed on these showcase items are automatically enabled for sale.
The following showcase items are included in the Savvy Seller’s Collection:

Cash Register: The cash register allows your active household (teen and older) to “Tend” to the business, check sales performance, set lot hours, hire and fire Salesclerks (NPC’s), and browse the selection of items for sale in on any business lot.


Shop Door: The shop door allows you to give the business a name, and set the opening and closing times for the shop. Unlike the register, the shop door dictates what time the business closes, rather than what time the lot shuts down.

Both the register and shop door can have the same opening and closing times, but the door allows for you to give your current shoppers more time to browse when the lot no longer accepts any more visitors.

Pedestal: Items placed on this object will be automatically enabled for purchase. You can set the Markup, Sale Price, and purchase items directly from this object.


Rugs (5 sizes): Items placed on these objects will be automatically enabled for purchase. You can set the Markup, Sale Price, and purchase items directly from these objects.

Shelf: Items placed on this object will be automatically enabled for purchase. You can set the Markup, Sale Price, and purchase items directly from this object.

Parking Space: Cars placed on this object will be automatically enabled for purchase. You can set the Markup, Sale Price, and purchase items directly from this object.


To create an run your own business on a commercial lot, place any of the Savvy Seller’s Collection showcase items on the lot, place objects from buy mode on them for purchase, be sure to include a register to enable the lot as a functioning business, and label the lot as a “Hangout”.

❗ When creating a business on your home lot, you must “invite” other Sims over to shop. Residential lots will not automatically attract buyers.
❗ To make a profit while running a business, you will need to purchase the community lot on which the business is located.
❗ Items in your shop will automatically be replaced when purchased, which ultimately allows for huge profits. There is no restocking fee.


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