Sims 3 Store: Introducing “Make Me an Offer”

The Sims 3 Store team has launched the “Make Me an Offer” function! “Make Me and Offer” randomizes different store content from sets, worlds, venues, premium content, and individual items you do not already own, adds up the price, and then offers the content to users at a discounted price for one hour only.
If the deal does not appeal to you, you can generate up to 4 additional deals each day. Once you pass up a deal, you cannot get it back, so be sure to use your “one hour” time period to make a decision. Once you have exhausted all 5 offers, you will have to wait until the next “business” day to check new offers.

make offer 2 make offer 3

According to the Make Me an Offer FAQ, the generator will not offer you an individual item you already own, but it can generate a “set” that includes an individual item you already own. This new store function should not be confused with the “Complete your Set Discount”, as these two systems work independently.
Additionally, the FAQ states that the system will also generate “special” items that can only be purchased through the Make Me an Offer system, so keep an eye out for those. SimGuruRusskii has stated that the store team cannot release information on these “special” items, so feel free to comment below if you find any surprises!

make offer

*Update* – Below is a complete list of exclusives via Wee Albet!

♦ Casual Button-down
♦ Easygoing Tee
♦ Wave of Emotion Pullover
♦ Hip Hat
♦ Cool Chap Cap
♦ Manly-Man Everyday Work
♦ Smashing Scarf and Jacket
♦ Friday Casual
♦ V-Neck Vortex Shirt
♦ Cool and Casual Tee

Screenshot-274 Screenshot-276 Screenshot-278 Screenshot-280 Screenshot-282 Screenshot-284 Screenshot-286 Screenshot-289 Screenshot-290 Screenshot-300 Screenshot-302 Screenshot-303 Screenshot-310 Screenshot-316


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  1. adventfear says:

    Good thing they aren’t selling any horse head statues.

  2. Wee Albet says:

    There are TONNES of Exclusive things! I’ll try and compile a list of them all for you :D

    1. SimsVIP says:

      Thanks! :D

  3. paul94597 says:

    Kind of cool. I ran through it and actually got a decent offer on the Waning Moon set plus a couple other bits that I didn’t have. It was 920, which is still a bit more than I’d pay for it.

    Still, pretty cool feature I’ll probably check out daily. I’m really interested to see what the special/exclusive items are.

  4. Flaygor says:

    All of the 5 offers I received were around 35% off normal price and ranged from under 200 to over 4000 points. This is about the same discount rate as items you can pick and choose from in the weekly sales.
    It also tried to sell me two worlds I had already bought through the store (?!?), but one of the offers did have two “exclusive” clothing items in it, a plain v-neck mens t-shirt which was boring and a Victorian looking uniform jacket which was quite nice.

    Not exactly setting the world on fire with this one! ;-)

  5. Agumon says:

    sounds nice for pepl who use the store often, but I still say when sims 4 releases they should just make the entire sims 3 store items free for everyone who owns all expansions and has them registered. I don’t even have all the expansions I just say…

  6. Lori says:

    I was offered a Casual Button-Down shirt for Adult Females.

  7. Meggy says:

    I got two exclusive items in one offer-
    – Hip hat (a cap that’s slightly lopsided)
    – Cool chap hat (A backwards cap)
    Both appear to be for YA and above males.
    Hope this helps!

  8. Sock Puppet says:

    Sounds almost like all those indie games bundles lately.

  9. JImboola says:

    I was unlucky as my 5 were kind of poor, often using sets I own a lot of so it was counter productive. Also a lot of clothing that looks similar to many I already own plus ‘Harry Stiles’ hairstyles.

    Save my points for the next sale maybe.

  10. Gucio92 says:

    I have no SimPoints actually and that’s even good, cause all of today’s offer were quite not interesting for me ;) I’m looking forward for next days.

  11. Nexis says:

    They offered me these two exclusive items:

    – Easygoing Tee:
    – Casual Button-down:

    1. Gucio92 says:

      wow, sooo exclusive – nothing special, reminds me some of the base game clothing…

  12. LovelyPixels says:

    It’s cool I guess. But not perfected. One of my offers was a Future Shock set of which I already owned half but not all the items. The offer was still over a thousand sim points. Then if I go to the set and see ‘Complete your Set’, the amount would have been less than 800 simpoints.

  13. mausigirl says:

    I was just going to announce how lame this was , when my last offer included Grandpa’s Grove and 2 clothing items (each 75 pts) all for 1533 points :)
    Well I was gong to wait for Thanksgiving Sales, but I know they rarely discount the new sets and I wanted this one.
    Alright, I guess this is kinda cool ;)

  14. MurfeeL says:

    Thanks, EA, for trying to give us another way to possibly save–a little late, but thanks. :)

    I think the Featured looks, Compilations and of course CYS are all better though.

    Why offer someone a set they already own items from? There should be some sort of scanner in place, so that once you own 50% or more of the set, the set is not offered. Because that’s not a deal at that point, you’re just paying for something you already own. o_O I never buy Store sets since they’re too pricey and most of the time I only want SOME thing in the set, not all of it. So I always get the individual items. I guess I’ll pass.

  15. Jimboola says:

    One set I was offered was 12% off! One I saw a screenie of was 7%. Need to better than that, esp as with CYS many of the deals would involve you LOSING money on the deal. Mad!

  16. Another Simmer says:

    I want that exclusive stuff, some of it’s converted teen clothing! I wish they would convert from the the adult hair to children hair.

  17. miss sims 27 says:

    How can I get the clothes from the pictures above? I really wanna know? Naybe someone awesome can tell me? Pretty please. :-)

    1. seadramon says:

      Hi, they are special for those that buy this new future, You might get 2 regular suits and one exclusive for this.

  18. crinrict says:

    Another terrible thing if you own the Store. It’s offering me elder hair version that are included in the adult one. How fun is that ? Not going to spend 300 SP to get a hair I don’t have.

    1. Faisre says:

      The same thing happened to me with almost all my deals. I own a very large amount of store items, so there’s not much they can offer me a deal on, but you don’t even NEED separate hair for elders, so it’s like a work-around on that ‘no duplicates’ thing. Boo.

    2. crinrict says:

      They have fixed the elder hair problem. There was one hat that was still showing up but since it was offered to me with two exclusive items, I went ahead and bought it. After that I only got the exclusives offered until I had them all.

      The last was even 100% off and I got it for free :)

      Thanks Russkii for looking into it so promptly.

  19. SimmerVille says:

    I think it would be cool if this was for individual items too! Even better.. the robot things at the Lunar Lakes or Lucky Palms Casino and bid with you how much you can buy for it :D

  20. Lina says:

    That clothes on the bottom is new? We get just with Make Me an Offer?

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