Another Sims 3 Game Update in The Works


SimGuruKelly has confirmed that another Sims 3 Game Update is in the works. There is no information or ETA on the patch at this time, so we’ll be sure to keep you posted!


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  1. Michael says:


  2. Iron Seagull says:

    This worries me a bit, now that Twallan has officially retired.

  3. krimsonnox says:

    -i am actually nervous for an update now, as Twallen won’t be updating his mods! Please let them not break!

    1. SuchARarity says:

      Same. I might not grab this update if it isn’t anything big. I wonder if most people won’t do it either.

  4. No way am I patching again unless the community can sweet talk Twallan into one more round of updates :(


  5. Evan says:

    Maybe this update will fix most of the ridiculous bugs. Not fix some bugs, but cause a dozen more.

  6. AlexandriaS says:

    Oh good god no… Twallan mod users, we’re …

    Same day Twallan leaves Sim Devs plan an update… :/ I had a feeling this might happen.

  7. catloverplayer says:

    I hope it fixes Isla Paradiso and makes it more stable and fixes most of the IP bugs. I also hope they add new features to the game. A way to cheat skills would be nice.

  8. catloverplayer says:

    Does Twallen know a new patch is coming out? Maybe he’ll change his mind and update his mods once more.

    1. Kari says:

      I’m thinking he doesn’t. I mentioned on his site that a new patch is in the works. I too hope him or SimAd_NRaas will update the mods. Or someone with else who knows how to. I would gladly do it if I knew how to. I’d have to have detailed instructions on how to update.

  9. catloverplayer says:

    I also hope this patch fixes the bugs in seasons,universities and into the future. ‘

    Annoying bugs

    When plumbots move out they lose their trait chips or the trait chips change dramatically.

    Removing your sims profile from the online dating doesn’t work it just goes back up.

    When adding an additional story to a one story house when you save the game crashes. This should have been fixed a long time ago.

    There are a lot of others I could mention but those two are aggrevating.

    Store glitches

    Roller coaster jerks back then jerks foward on the track. Very annoying.

    Sims get out of the fixer upper car if you tell them to do a different interaction then get back in.

    Tree of proseperity seems to cause the game to crash.

    Some store hottubs don’t have water coming out of the pump were there should be a waterfall such as the vegas hottub and another one I can’t remember.

    Some fountains in the store don’t work.

    1. catloverplayer says:

      Oh they need to add a feature that lets your sims change the radio station or the track in the fixer upper car.

    2. CodyIsInLove says:

      My goodness that is quite a long list lol. I guess I am just used to things being borky :).

    3. Lisa says:

      Some you have mentioned. I’m having a problem where the roller coaster cart keeps disappearing after use. A ton of weird animation glitches like where Sims are fixing sinks while standing in the sink, I now have that pet monster glitch. The overall playable game time frame till crashing or error 12 is worse since 1.63. Etc, etc, etc.

      My game never be so buggy since 1.63, the one thing it fixed lasted a month and now the problem is back + Twallen mods are my main core mods. So there is no way I am patching. I’ll live with what I have.

      I’ll probably miss out on some really nice patch related content but I think one has to have the sense to know when enough is enough.

  10. catloverplayer says:

    Twallen should hand over his mods to EA and let them include them in the patch,

    1. Lisa says:

      I was thinking the same thing. Twallen has left his source files up so if EA or anyone wanted to update them they could. But I doubt EA would use 3rd party content no matter how popular it is. Especially something that changes their coding so much.

      1. MckinneyMini says:

        That is a legal mess waiting to happen. EA will never take a community mod and incorporate it into their game. Hopefully someone in the community (you would be surprised how many software engineers do stuff like this for fun, similar to Twallan) will pick it up and continue.

        1. Samis says:

          EA actually owns all mods and cc.

          In the law it is legal for them to use everything sims related, No matter if that content is created by them or by fans. Because they own The Sims franshize.

          Modders can create mods and cc only because EA permits them.
          But in the law, modders do not own mods and cc they created.

    2. nina97 says:

      No he shouldn’t

      1. Samis says:

        If EA wants that. They can do that. They do not need to ask.

        It is legal for them to use everything sims related, no matter who is creator of that content.

  11. chococat9 says:

    Well, I won’t be grabbing that update unless someone continues Twallan’s work.

    1. Nick says:

      Who knows? Maybe the update will be so minor, the mods would still be compatible with the game.

  12. Coolgame8013 says:

    This is probably not going to be a very smooth update now isn’t it. :-/

  13. RENATOCAMARA says:

    Im pretty sure this will be a big update patch since theyre done w/TS3 content at least for EPs and SPs and it will hopefully fix a lot of bugs, at least in my game now theyre none :D and Im glad I dont have anything from Twallan since it seems it will affect a lot of ppl :P

  14. King Leo says:

    What do the patch for? Eliminate all bugs? For this I say: LMAO
    Without Twallan EA may push their patch in the butt.

  15. Justa Simmer says:

    I can’t actually run Twallan’s Story progression, so I hope EA decides to make their story progression actually do something, townies get married and have kids. Right now all it does is have sims adopt pets and die off sometimes moving in same-faces in their place

  16. bluebird137 says:

    when I can not waited

  17. Darrell says:

    Hopefully the patch will make University playable, will make the Aurora Skies toddler stuff useable (someone said that they are majorly glitched, which as prevented me from purchasing these otherwise coveted items), and do other assorted miracles. It saddens me that, like Twallan, my interested in the Sims has dwindled considerably, and that has A LOT to do with the bugs that have made this game virtually unplayable. I haven’t even gotten Into the Future yet, or the new world, so I shudder to think what new bugs I have to look forward to.

  18. Cath says:

    Nraas mods or EA patch- no contest. No more patches for me. I wonder what won’t be broken in my game when I don’t patch, since it seems the patches break one thing for every two they fix. The best is that when I’m not at the new patch level I can still buy stuff at the store but can no longer download from the exchange. Gotta love EA- and off I go to merrily download while I still can.

  19. jebou86 says:

    Hmm, i hope that they finally would fix the v-sync bug(the frame rate limit), because it does not work. I wonder how many of the all the crashes people are suffering are because of this(heat), well nvidia users are usually more lucky as their cards own limiter works, but radeon owners not so.

  20. Conclue says:

    I hope the make over station is fixed. How do they not know about it? It’s like one of the oldest ones! Everytime I use it my Sims age span resets. It is kind of useful for when other bugs have caused my sims age span to be wrong. LOL So, it does come in handy but I never did the stylist career because your constantly resetting all the clients ages!!

  21. kayelz says:

    I hope they patch the windows in into the future because mine you can see through one side then the other is black

  22. Animaag says:

    To be honest I’m quite excited about the new patch. I mean it should be the LAST patch ever for The Sims 3! I really REALLY hope that they fix all the major glitches and bugs and also that they add some new sweet things in the game aswell (like patterns and such).

    I too use Twallan’s mods, but I’m fairly sure that they’ll be updated and I can have both! :)

  23. sErindeppity says:

    No Twallan mods, no patch for me. I just hope this won’t prevent me from getting any new store content since I know sometimes those depend on being patched up. -sigh- I really hope people are able to take over NRaas mods because I know many people (myself included) can’t play without them!

  24. ilikesimsryan says:

    I hope its a massive super update that fixes every bug and glitch left in the game so that it would out way the fact that I wouldn’t be able to use Twallan’s mods anymore

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