The Sims 4: Character Assets by Ehren Tye
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The Sims 4 Get To Work: Scientist Trailer Coming Tuesday

The Sims team has shared a new Sims 4 Get To Work screenshot teaser, letting players know they’ll take a look into the Scientist career this Tuesday. Subscribe to TheSims on YouTube to be the first to see the trailer!

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Community Spotlight: Jacob_Frittata (Builder)

Here to kick off the March Community Spotlight is builder Jacob_Frittata! In a brief introduction below, Jacob gives readers a chance to learn a bit more about what he does. Take it away!

Untitl12124124edHi everyone! I’m Jacob, otherwise known as Jacob_Frittata on my Twitter, I am a student and am from Sydney, Australia. I started playing The Sims relatively late compared to many people, starting in 2009 when I first borrowed the original Sims from a friend of mine. Note: I have yet to return it, yep, I’m a lousy friend. But I digress. It was only for a couple of hours since I started to play it that I realized I had never played a game like it before. There was something so fun and new about it that it didn’t take too long for me to spend hours upon hours building houses and messing with Sims’ lives. And that’s where my love for the series began.


One of the main things I love and avidly do in The Sims series is build and I have some pretty awesome people to thank for that. Curtis Paradis was the first Simmer I watched way back in ’09 and would always find the opportunity to tune into his live streams, comment on his videos and take inspiration from each of his unique and astounding builds. However I fell into that slump that any and every Simmer gets from playing the game for too long. It was only in 2012 that I found TheSimSupply that reinvigorated my passion for building in The Sims 3. Then from his channel I found Deligracy who is, too, is an amazing builder and Youtube personality.

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The Sims 4 Get To Work: Featured Musical Artists

The Sims Studio has announced four musical artists featured in the first expansion, The Sims 4 Get To Work. Check out music by Echosmith, New Politics, Big Data, and Katy Tiz for a taste of what’s to come!



Community Blog: Celebrate 15 Years of The Sims

Via TheSims.com

This month, The Sims is celebrating 15 years of plumbobs, WooHoo, and everything Sims. If you follow @TheSims on Twitter or are a fan of The Sims page on Facebook, you’ve likely seen a good deal of celebratory Fun Facts posts, and learned a bunch of cool stories about the history of the franchise. The first item ever created in The Sims? A toilet. Simoleons? They got their name from the 18th century British slang for sixpence: simons.
But we’re not the only ones thinking back on the franchise – The Sims community has been thinking about their favorite fun facts about the franchise, too! We’d love to hear your fun facts in the comments below, and here are a few to get you started.
AstroX1424 remembers a more quaint time for The Sims, when babies were just a quick peck away. “Fun fact: In The Sims 1, you had a baby as a result of kissing someone.”
Terrylin remembers having a bear of a time in The Sims. “Fun fact: In TS1 Claire the Bear was an actual bear that would steal from your picnic basket or dig in your trash.”


Turns out, The Sims didn’t actually invent the plumbob according to Scobre (or, actually Wikipedia). “Fun fact: Definition of the plumbob: “A plumb-bob or a plummet is a weight, usually with a pointed tip on the bottom, that is suspended from a string and used as a vertical reference line, or plumb-line. It is essentially the vertical equivalent of a “water level”.
icmnfrsh remembered an urban legend that turned out to be true. “Fun Fact/Easter Egg: Nessie the Loch Ness Monster sometimes appeared in the lake in the neighborhood screen back in The Sims. There was also a cheat to make her appear.”
But don’t feel restrained by facts about the games themselves. Some of the facts we’ve seen are more personal than others. For instance,junceda said “My children drove me into The Sims fifteen years ago and I am driving now their children into the Sims (2/3/4) and they are delighted to play the “little people” with their granny!”
Do you have a favorite Sims fun fact? Why not post them here for all of us to enjoy?


The Sims 4: Mod Releases of the Week

Each week we compile a list of mods that have been released to help make your gaming experience more pleasant and unique. Be sure to use The Sims 4 Mods Category Tag for future reference.

:!: Please note that installing 3rd party content may cause problems with your game. It is a good idea to properly research the use of mods and custom content before putting them into your game.
:!: While EA unofficially supports the modding community, they will not be held liable should any 3rd party content damage your PC or game. 
:!: This list is here for informational purposes only. SimsVIP does not assume any liability should 3rd party content damage your PC or game. 
:!: Always remember to remove mods and custom content before updating your game

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Origin Update – February 26th, 2015


There’s a new update available in Origin’s Download Client: Version – 358982



The Sims 4: Custom Eyeshadow Showcase

Used in the video below…

• Smokey Eyeshadow by Margies Sims: (Download Link)

• Eyeshadow Noite by LuxySims: (Download)

• Spiderweb Eyeshadow by DecayClownSims: (Download) – Audio Warning

• Eyeshadow #1 by NyGirl Sims: (Download)

• Eyeshadow #2 by Nygirl Sims: (Download)

• Eyeshadow #2 by S-Club: (Download)

• Urban Decay Electric by Bernie’s: (Download)

• Dash of Sparkle by CherryBerrySims: (Download)

• Eyeshadow #1 by S-Club: (Download)

• More Eyeshadows at MySims4Blog: (Download)

• Custom Eyes by Nightcrawler: (Download)

• Custom Eyelashes by Kijiko: (Download)


Video Link


Gamer Writes Love Letters To His Girlfriend in The Sims 4
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Reddit user ferriswheel42, surprised his girlfriend with special love letters throughout The Sims 4. The love letters were scattered throughout the game in the form of book descriptions, and this is how it all went down…

My girlfriend often plays The Sims at my place when I’m cooking or busy. I thought I’d surprise her with a love note. I made a Sim version of myself, then had him write 3 books. Then went over to my girlfriends’ most recent household, and hid them. The 1st book was left where she would easily find it.
She found them on Valentines Day, and her reaction was much more excited than when I gave her flowers. She hugged me so hard I lost balance and then said I’d get whatever I wanted all Sunday.




The Sims: Bugs & Jokes That Became Features


All games have bugs. In The Sims, some were left in to become features. We asked senior producer Lyndsay Pearson to run down some of Electronic Arts’ developers’ favorite programming errors in the long-running life simulation game.
“There are definitely cases where we see things after the fact, unintended side effects of things we didn’t plan,” she said. Some are trashed immediately because they get in the way of gameplay. But others are intriguing, or funny, and if they work well enough, developers leave them in.


Take The Sims 3’s cheats that could, if used in a precise order, make curved structures like arches or curved walls, she said. “People were able to use them to craft these really cool, much more organic shapes. We never thought to try that. That was a case of seeing it after the fact.”
In many cases, they rely on the users who discover the bugs to help them figure out how they work. For the arched walls, there’s a whole series of videos that give you the instructions to make it happen, Pearson said. “We often have to do the homework ourselves to see, wow, how did they put that together. We build these amazing puzzle pieces, these crayons, and then we give them to people and they do things we never thought about.”



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