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Walmart: The Sims 4 Pre-Order Promotion *Update*

Back on August 15th, Walmart updated their The Sims 4 listings to include a pack of gum as a bonus for pre-ordering The Sims 4. Today, they have added to the promotion, giving players a free Illuminated Plumbob Keychain with their orders. The image on Walmart is not that great, so here’s a peak at the key chain via SimGuruZera

From Walmart: Preorder now to receive a Exclusive pack of New Sour Patch Kids gum and a light-up Sims 4 Plumbob keychain.


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Sims 4 Community Blog: Familiar Faces of Willow Creek
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Last month we told you a little bit about the families of Oasis Springs, and now let’s take a look at the families of Willow Creek.
Back in May, we had our first look at the Goths, one of the most well-known couples residing in Willow Creek. Since learning that Mortimer and Bella have returned, many of you have been curious about the fate of their children, Cassandra and Alexander. We all know that our teenage years can be an awkward time, but Cassandra, is a stunner and has obviously followed in her Mother’s genetic footsteps! Let’s not forget about little Alexander; will the youngest child in the family have time to overcome his eerie heritage and live a normal life or will he be another macabre member of the family?


Despite the Goth Family’s fame, the couple with the most buzz has been Bob and Eliza Pancakes. A new couple to The Sims, it looks like they may be the most miserable couple in all of Willow Creek! As you get to know the Pancakes you will have a chance to explore just what’s keeping these two together? Eliza will have plenty of chances to drift away, whether she stays in Willow Creek or wanders over to Oasis Springs. Who knows, Bob might just be happier left alone with his pancake griddle.
Let’s not forget Willow Creek’s love triangle. Free spirit Liberty Lee, cheerful Summer Holiday, and geeky Travis Scott make a pretty unlikely group of friends. At first, it seems like nothing can come between the bond that these three share. Will anyone be happy when this love triangle finally resolves itself?
Now on to one of our favorite and most complicated families, the Spencer-Kim-Lewis household. Keep in mind that with the new emotions that Sims exhibit in The Sims 4, relationships are more complex to manage – and the larger the family, the more challenge there is to be had. Here’s the breakdown: Dennis Kim and Lydia Spencer had a daughter named Alice Spencer-Kim, then they divorced. Their daughter Alice married Eric Lewis and they had their own little girl named Olivia Spencer-Kim-Lewis.
Alice, Eric and little Olivia recently moved back in with their parents; Alice’s dad and Eric’s mom. Oh and Vivian Lewis came along too. How can Alice and Eric afford all the new additions to their household? They will definitely have to find the right career! Can they turn around some quick cash before their savings run out or will they find themselves stumbling around once their power gets cut? Hey, no one ever said having a family was easy and with this many mouths to feed, this family definitely isn’t!
We hope these tales of domestic bliss and turmoil have got you excited to jump in to the lives and stories of Willow Creek! We have no doubt you’re already creating intricate plans for these couples and families. Good luck and happy Simming!

Target: The Sims 4 Launch Promotion


Starting next week, when purchasing The Sims 4 and select 8-oz Candy Packs, you will receive a $10 Target gift card with your purchase. Couple the purchase with your Red Card, and you can save 5%. The promotion sale begins on September 2nd, and continues through September 6th.


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LGR Reviews: The Sims 3 Last Venue of Amore
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The Sims 4: New Bonus Content Screens
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Via Amazon, SimCookie & Rincon Del Simmer

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Resident Entertainment Interviews Graham Nardone
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I was very lucky to be given the chance yesterday to attend a preview event for The Sims 4 in Sydney Australia. Where I was able to play the game for about an hour and explore some of the new features that the game has and offers just before it is released.
I will be writing up full preview which you can all read in a few days, but for now I would say I was very impressed with how the game looks and feels when you actually sit down with it and play it. I was lucky enough to be given the chance to interview Graham Nardone who is a producer for the Sims 4 on the phone today and was able to ask him a few questions that I had from my time with the game yesterday.


1. One of the things that I do really like about the game having played it now is the art style and look of the Sims in the Sims 4. How important or how difficult was it for the Sims team to create the unique style the game now has?
Well I’m really glad to hear you say that because I feel like in particular that’s kinda been a hot topic online and especially once people start to get hands on with the game and really see how it flows in person I think the game is absolutely gorgeous and you really do have to sit down and play it to kind of fully understand how beautifully everything animates and comes together as this whole cohesive thing.
In terms of we got to that point, I think it’s interesting because you know, looking at Sims 1 to Sims 3 as the franchise has progressed the graphics got more and more realistic with each one and I think with The Sims 4 we finally got to the point where if we continue to kind of push down that direction, you get into this area where you kind of start to experience that uncanny valley effect with your Sim and everything looks a little too like real life and you start to get this strange disconnect where some of the past humour and silliness of the Sims franchise would look strange in that concept. So very early on it was a conscious decision to go in a slightly different direction in the art style for The Sims 4 and really we couldn’t be happier with the result. But I think it’s an absolutely beautiful world that they play in and the Sims look better than they ever have been before and especially once people start to get their hands on the game, I think we’ll see more and more of that.



SimsVIP Giveaway: Enter to Win Some Sims 4 Swag!

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The Sims 4 Live Broadcast Replay (August 27th)
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Watch the August 26th Live Broadcast (Part 1)
Watch the August 27th Live Broadcast (Part 2)
Watch the August 28th Live Broadcast (Part 3)


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Geek Bomb: The Sims 4 Pre-Launch Event in Australia



Some of you may have got a taste for the upcoming The Sims 4 by tinkering with the Create A Sim demo that’s out at the moment.  This week, Sabre and I got to get our hands on the game thanks to the guys at EA Games Australia in the comfortable surrounds of the Sunroom at The Ivy.  There is nothing quite like gaming in comfy chairs and chowing down on cupcakes while a waiter asks if you would like another drink (why can’t it be like this at home?).




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