– New Generations Details!

- Advertisement - has published an article about Generations.  From what the text translates to in English, seems we will not have a new town.  The town in the Generations trailer is indeed Sunset Valley.

Thanks to SimPrograms for the find! (below is the translated text)



  • Sunset Valley is the site of events in Sims 3: joy of life. A new town is not, but about 10 new sites were added, and new Rabbit-holes do not exist.


  • One of the new land is the dollhouse modeled in the game, another new site is a large playground with sand pit, Hüpfkästchenfeldern, a climbing frame, tree house, three swings, a seesaw and a roundabout located spring rockers


  • The reminder system will be for players to use too, but the Sims 3 base game and / or previous extensions have the.


  • In the Create-A-Sim mode can now customize the body hair in men. The father in the presentation captivated by such lush chest hair that would have made Tom Selleck credit.


  • Innovations in construction mode, the spiral staircase and a new type of window.



  • As a new profession in Sims 3: Joie de vivre, the “children’s day care” was introduced. Other parents can give it to a specific time their kids in day care, which they maintained in their homes. An additional challenge in that profession is especially naughty children who like nothing better than to annoy others with their antics. The new feature, “Caring” is perfect for that job.


  • New capabilities, where you improve can step way, such as cooking, is it in Sims 3: do not joy, but but have certain skills to be improved, such as potions with the chemistry set connect to others to be able to or connection with the improve imaginary friend.


  • If teens have played a trick on their neighbors, they can escape the threat of trouble if, on a “Ninja Vanish-Potion” have produced chemical kit before. Their use teleport the Sim that is currently home.


  • If Sims now take hold of the video camera, the camera perspective and the player sees the world from the perspective of each filming Sims. Anything that then records will be stored as an object in the form of a video cassette in the inventory and can then be reproduced on the televisions in the house.


  • The imaginary friend is the “special creation” in Sims 3: joy of life. This fantasy creature with a fancy pants suit, different pairs of shoes and a glowing “light bulb” on the head and moves away strangely amusing. It occurs when children take care of plenty to a particular doll. Once the doll has become the imaginary friend, many new interactions are available, such as how to take a pillow fight or the calls, activities for the Sim. Other Sims can not see the imaginary friend, so it looks like from their perspective rather strange if another is busy with this and as wild pillow strikes through the air. Using a potion can be the imaginary friend actually the “real Sim” make.


  • There are a lot of joy in life, new actions and interactions. Especially young children are like this, however, affected more passive, that is: Older Sims can interact with them, perform with his hand claw movements, while they hold in their arms, but their little actions are open, they can run themselves.


  • New to the game is that Sims in the night dream now. They may be plagued by nightmares and, for example, if they advance to the common brother has told a ghost story at night, when he mandatory flashlight from the bottom front of the face remained.


  • One of the new objects in The Sims 3: joy is the loft bed in which both levels can be used – and by Sims of all ages.


  • With the stroller, a new object, babies can now be more convenient way to transport them through the city.


  • In tree houses, the sims ages younger exert numerous actions, such as adult approaching a call to give him a bucket of water to pour on the head or play certain scenarios, however. An example from the presentation was a pirate attack. Then a skull and crossbones flag is hoisted above the tree house, it hisses and pops on the inside and from the windows penetrates fire and smoke.


  • water slide is now built and garden of family members are used in all.


  • If wild parties are underway, it may happen that at some point a police car drives up and cops mingle with the celebrating. It is in no way a real cops, but rather the kind of uniform beams, which are fueling the party atmosphere only really.