Duckeggpie’s Sims 3 Generations Information!

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Here is some of duckeggpie’s preview for Generations! Make sure you head over to her blog for more screens and info!

Chemistry set:

The chemistry set helps your sim develop the logic skill. The first interaction you get on it is to ‘Discover Potions’. Once you have discovered a potion you get a new interaction to ‘Make Potion’ which will bring up a list of all the potions your sim knows for you to choose from. The potions range in cost between $3 and $3750.


Here is a list of all the potions you can make and what I have discovered that they can do:

  • Mood Enhancer $3 – Enhances your mood
  • Stink Juice $7 – For pranks!
  • Liquid horror $15 – I didn’t use it but I assume it makes the sim it is used on frightened.
  • Radical Reparum $37 – As far as I could tell this improves your handiness skill for a few hours.
  • Bladder Flow $56 – Makes your sim need the toilet!
  • Sleeping Elixir $67 – I didn’t use it but I guess it has either a positive or negative effect on your sims energy levels.
  • Ghost Potion $93 – Turns your sim into a ghost for 3 hours (They will behave exactly like a ghost for this time)……


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