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SimTimes has posted Screenshots and more from the Generations event!




What new interactions have babies?

When the baby is there any concrete changes. However, the Sims, only in this age group received the imaginary friend, who shortly after birth as a doll comes in a package and the baby can be given to play.


Infant / Child


Will children role play games together or alone?

The children can be transformed thanks to the new boxes in a dinosaur costume, a prince / princess or an astronaut, and so play together. Per costume you are three color variations.



The children can do something with the costumes or do they behave just like disguised Sims?

The children put directly into her role. For example, Dino Sims running with long strides and fierce face and love to Godzilla-like toy houses or sand castles to destroy other Sims. Princess, however, are like little fairies that move as gracefully forward, and occasionally swinging her wand.


What children can do anything in the tree house?

The children can do together in the tree house as if they play children’s clubhouse and pirate attacks, and fend off would pour water on other Sims and sleep in them. Occasionally they are seen with a telescope looking out the window and slide down the chute. So they caught no one, then they crawl quickly up the ladder.
In addition, the child can restrict the admission into the tree house. Girls may determine, for example, that boys should not the tree house and vice versa.


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