Generations Feature Info #4

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EA has released Feature Info #4 on Generations. This time it’s all about Memories Video Camera’s and the Chemistry Set.  Thanks to SimsGalore for the info!


With so many wonderful new activities and features to enrich all of your Sims’ life stages, The Sims 3 Generations also offers new ways to record and share these special memories and moments. And what better way to create special moments than to manufacture them through the magic of chemistry! That’s right, your Sims can now concoct potions with unusual effects.

Sharing Memories

Little Leo’s first steps, pretty Paloma’s high school prom, flirty Frank’s wild bachelor party, and more—your Sims are bound to create some pretty memorable moments and wouldn’t it be nice to share them with your friends? A record of your Sims’ memories is kept in their very own scrapbook which you can access through the Simology panel. Many memories are captured automatically, with a snapshot taken of the specific Sim!


Snap Happy!

You can also create a custom memory using the Capture This Moment tool. This tool allows you to create a memory for your Sim at any time you fancy! But your options don’t stop there. You can also post these special moments to share with your friends online via Facebook or The Sims 3 website! Just go to the Memory Detail page and select the appropriate options.


Captured on Video

Sometimes a snapshot isn’t enough. For those really vivid life moments, maybe you want to capture some video to remember them in even more detail. To make their own video recordings, Sims must first own a video camera, which they can purchase in Buy Mode. Better cameras enable your Sims to take longer videos, so make sure they shop wisely!

When you’re ready to record, use the video camera to enter a special first-person view to capture your shot. A timer counts down the amount of time left during which you can record. Once that limit is reached, the camera automatically shuts off.

After your Sim records a video, a disc appears in their inventory. Your Sim can play it back on higher-end televisions. To help keep track of these video memories, you may want to rename the disc. Grandparents will be so excited to watch videos of their grandkids, and married Sims will enjoy a walk down memory lane watching their wedding video.


Chemical Reactions

A little of this, a little of that … swirl it and mix it … and what have you got? Your Sims can employ and improve their logic skills in new endeavours when they sidle up to the Chemistry Lab Station. Whether doing a little research to discover an unknown potion or concocting an old favourite, your Sims can brew up some powerful stuff in no time. Once your Sims discover or make a potion, it can be found in their inventory. Sims with advanced logic skills can even mix potions into drinks and serve them to unsuspecting Sims. With many different potions to discover, your Sims are sure to manufacture some interesting moments!