Cheat CC – Sims 3 Pets Hands on Preview

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Cheat Code Central has published their own Preview hands on with Pets for PC & Console.  We learn some new info for Create A Pet for PC, a bit more about Pet jobs, & Pet aspirations as well.  We also learn a few new traits, one being “Lazy”.  (There is a hidden Trait in the game named Lazy that is incomplete, so I guess it was added in for Pets)


A new season is upon us, and that means it’s time for yet another Sims expansion. This time around, The Sims get pets. This isn’t the first time the Sims got their hands on little furry animals: Sims 2 also had a Pets expansion. Does the Sims 3: Pets improve upon the Sims Pets formula? Cheat Code Central got some answers in a closed-door Sims 3: Pets event.


The very first thing we were shown was the customization screen. We were told there were over 100 dog and cat breeds to select from in Sims 3: Pets. (Since a show of hands revealed we had many more dog lovers than cat lovers in the room, our demo focused more on the dogs.) On top of the various breeds, the tweaks we saw were incredibly in-depth. There were options to increase or decrease snout size, change fur color, and even add accessories (mostly collars.)

The Sims 3: Pets Screenshot

For an example of how detailed the customization actually was, the amount of options for eyes alone was staggering. We were allowed to change the base color and a secondary color, which sort of blended into each other. If we wanted a pet with red eyes that faded to purple around the edges, we could do it. And if that wasn’t enough, our pets could have two eyes with completely different color schemes. A person could easily sink hours into the eye customization alone.

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