EuroGamer – Sims 3 Generations Review

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Reviews, reviews. Well there are probably many out there who still want some insight on the game, and EuroGamer has published their own review today with a 7/10 Score.


During the last two years I have been gaming often have to review products of the Sims franchise, and every time that they were expansions or conversions, I’ve always been marveling at the ability of developers to be able to whet your interest while not distorting the public in any way the very traditional concept of the series.

Generations, the latest expansion for The Sims 3, is in fact just the latest example of a philosophy of development is now so ingrained as a winner, that is to ensure a successful EA maybe even better than expected. The add-on in question, as its name suggests, focuses on generational differences in our culture, differences, of course, result in behaviors, habits, passions, interests and ways of doing things completely different.

In short, for the first time in the series, we go through in detail, every single generation with all that characterizes them. We may possibly begin as children, grow, meet a woman and start a family with her, and then enjoy old age in peace while our virtual offspring begin to take their first steps in our personal virtual reality.


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