CNET – Sims 3 Generation Review

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CNET Reviews has posted a two page review on The Sims 3 Generations.  For those of you who do not have the game and want more input, check it out.  Page One & Page Two


As you can guess from its title, Generations deepens and broadens your sims’ various stages of life by adding mechanics suited to their age. It begins in childhood, with one of the expansion’s most charming and surreal additions: the imaginary friend. This semicreepy stuffed wonder morphs from plush toy into a combination of best friend and personal assistant. Watching your child’s purple Martian mutant saunter about with an exaggerated bounce is as charming and silly a sight as any in the series, and you only see him when you are directly controlling your child.

Want a snack? Send your pal to grab you one. Want help with making the beds and cleaning the toilet? Ask your invisible friend to help with your chores. Heck, you can even turn him into a controllable sim if you mess around at the chemistry table often enough. You make potions here, one of which will make your virtual Pinocchio a real boy. Well, almost, anyway. You can craft other potions at the table too, such as mood enhancers and the like, though potions aren’t exactly new; the Makin’ Magic expansion for the original game included a similar mechanic.


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