Sims 3 Pets Preview – Parrots Confirmed (PC)

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Destructoid has a Pets Preview available to view, and guess what? Parrots have been confirmed in the PC version. There were not much details about the birds themselves and whether or not we will be able to create them, but I’m sure we will find out more soon.


It’s the Summer of the Sims and at the EA Summer Showcase, there were disc (Frisbee) catching dogs on hand to excite the crowd about Sims 3 Pets. Just like the title implies, this expansion adds pets to the core game that people have been clamoring for a while about.

In this expansion, you will get to play with a bunch of furry creatures and probably be able to build a room with no escape around them to watch them die. You’ll be able to choose from a cat, dog, and something exclusive on the PC version: horses.