Sims 3 Pets Italian Pre-order Bonus (PC & Console)

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Italian Retailer is offering a bonus for pre-order purchases of Sims 3 Pets (Animali & Co.).  Italian Fans who Pre-Order from them will receive a Sims 3 Diary & Calender as a Bonus.

There is also some bits of new info regarding careers & collecting treasures.


Reserve your copy of The Sims 3: Animals & Co. and get the very exclusive custom-Agenda Diary Sims!

  • More animals means more fun – with a variety of races and creative ways to customize your Sims’ pets, dogs and cats only invents with unlimited possibilities!
  • Become the animal – Take control of your Sim to chase the animal, dig, grasp, and much more. Become the perfect company or disasters unleashed on your Sims!
  • Deals with the adventures – Sims can explore the history of the city using their animals to sniff out treasure, discovering puzzles, capture rare animal collectibles and maybe even to see phantoms.
  • Animals have their own traits – from smart, courageous and friendly to hydrophobic, volatile, and unaware until gentle, fast and agile, determines the personality of your Sims’ pets.
  • Animals can acquire skills – Dogs and cats can learn to hunt the dogs also find items to collect and provide partners with your Sims. With career opportunities, your Sims’ pets can even make their way up to become the most diabolical criminals.