Simlish Sims Reviews The Sims 3 Town Life

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Expect lots-o-reviews this week and next from Fansites reviewing the latest Stuff Pack – Town Life!  For those who want the opinion of fellow Simmers… has a full Town Life Review for you!


In the weeks leading up to the release of Town Life Stuff, the general buzz and hype was of a positive manner. New rabbit holes, new community lots. It seemed there were new ways to customize the worlds already bundled with the game. I was excited to place the new rabbit holes in my game and continue to model my already well played world.

My first concern was that the new rabbit holes wouldn’t fit into the style of the bundled worlds. I thought they looked too modern for Sunset Valley, and too short for Bridgeport. I thought that maybe with a bit of re-modelling, they would fit nicely into Twinbrook or Riverview.