Sims 3 Store – New World Coming Soon?

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Now I am sure you all remember back in December, there was a store survey regarding your opinion on certain items in the store.  That survey asked participants to pick a name for a world.


Below is a list of potential names for the worlds that may be included in The Sims 3 Store. Please rank the top three names you like best. Place a 1 next to your favorite name, a 2 next to your second-favorite, and a 3 next to your third-favorite. (Please rank 3 responses.)

  • Alpinesville
  • Halcyon Springs
  • Mount Zephyr
  • Hidden Springs
  • Vista Peak
  • Crystal Streams



Well in the last patch, VelocityGrass from Mod The Sims found some interesting information in the Game Data Package.


Btw, skimming over the changed GameplayData.package files I noticed that they’ve added new auto venue placements for a town called “Hidden Springs”. I guess that will be the name of a new town in the store, unless it somehow found its way in early from Pets by accident.


Now we all know that The Sims 3 Pets town is confirmed as a Ranch could this be a world brought out to us in the store in upcoming weeks?  Could we possibly see this world next week with the new store releases?  Hidden Springs was listed in the survey and indeed makes an appearance in the Game Data!  Prepare your pocket books! 😛


Thanks to Richi3f from forums for the find!