EA Russia & The Sims 2 Website

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My friends Oleg & Anka – Russian Sims Fans – have the chance of asking EA Russia all kinds of questions on EA’s Russian website.  Along with many others who ask questions, today more questions were answered by EA. One of those answers was confirmation that The Sims 2 website has been shut down.

This could be an incorrect answer (since the US web team handles Sims 2) but seeing as the site has been down for over a month, I will conclude the response is valid. Check out Sims.Mixei.RU for more Q&A’s on other subjects.

Don’t forget SimGuruGraham already confirmed that EA is taking down older Sims game sites.


Oleg is currently working on translating a few other questions correctly from a separate Q&A, so I hope to have that back by tonight.