The Sims Hub: Win Hidden Springs!

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Our friends over at The Sims Hub are hosting a competition for those who want to win Hidden Springs!  You have until August 24th to enter, and make sure to take a read at the competition requirements. This will be a fun comp! 😀


So what does one have to do to win such a lavish prize? Well we want you to be creative. Hidden Springs is an awesome name in our opinion and the logo is great, so we want you to create in your favourite photo editing software (GIMP is free for those who want a good one) a “Welcome to Hidden Springs” signpost/postcard! That’s it. You can either go full out and create an entire postcard or simply just design a nice signpost that you might see when entering a new town. You don’t have to use the style set by EA in the Hidden Springs logo, but we’re perfectly ok with you doing so just as long as everything else is your own work. Once done, just simply upload the image to any image host (PhotoBucketflickrimgur etc) and post a link to it in a comment! Simples!

The Rules:

  • Anyone can enter. As this is done purely online and requires no shipping or anything, anyone can enter
  • You MUST have an account over at
  • You MUST own a copy of The Sims 3 on PC/Mac (obviously)
  • Please put your ID on the picture (somewhere non-obtrusive) AND in your comment. We’ll be needing this to confirm you created the image as well as for us to gift you the world once it’s released
  • You have until 5pm BST on August 24th to enter (that’s 9am PST, 12pm PST, 6pm CET) . We’ll then go through the entries and pick our favourite one. We’ll then announce the winner on the 25th and gift them the world once it’s released
  • If for whatever reason the world is not available via the Store, like Barnacle Bay now isn’t, we’ll purchase the world from a retailer and message the winner the code needed to redeem it