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The Sims 3 Hidden Springs

Daily Deal: Hidden Springs on Sale for 867 Simpoints!

  Hidden Springs is on sale for a great price! For those of you who do not see the "Buy" Button, head on over to...

Hidden Springs – Price Reduced ’til 12/31/12

  The Sims 3 Store World Hidden Springs, has been re-listed on "sale" for 2,000 Simpoints until December 31st of this year. This sale is probably a...

Sims 3 Hidden Springs Feature Video (German)

  Video Link   [youtube]   Source: LosSims100 & Rincon Del Simmer  

Hidden Springs Retail Disc for Origin Distribution?

    Today I went out and purchased the Hidden Springs retail box, and I was surprised that it actually came with a disc!...

Origin – Hidden Springs “Code in a Box” Now Available

  Today, the Sims 3 Hidden Springs is available as a code in a box in retailers near you! Origin has also listed the world...

Walmart – Pre Order Sims 3 Hidden Springs Code

  Walmart has listed Hidden Springs for pre order! If you prefer getting your code in a box for a few cents cheaper than the...

Amazon – Pre Order Hidden Springs + Box Art

  So earlier today, GameStop added their Hidden Springs listing, and now, so has Amazon. Pre Ordering is now available for $19.99! Just like GameStop, $4.00...

GameStop – Pre Order Sims 3 Hidden Springs

  GameStop has listed The Sims 3 Hidden Springs for Pre Order, with a release date of February 14th, 2012. The price listed at this...

Sims 3 Hidden Springs Box Cover

  So as you all know, Hidden Springs is coming soon to retail stores as a "code in a box". Today, The Sims 3 Czech...

Preorder Sims 3 Hidden Springs Code (FR & DE)

  French and German readers out there can now preorder a  Sims 3 Hidden Springs "code in a box". and have already listed...