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The Sims 3 Hidden Springs

Infinite Sims Reviews Hidden Springs!

  Yeay another Review! :D  Head on over to Infinite Sims for another Hidden Springs review!   From the rustic houses, and small town life to the...

IGN Previews Sims 3 Hidden Springs

  IGN has a preview of Hidden Springs, giving us some full details on what the town is included with!  Among the 50 Townies.... are...

Sims Nieuws: Sims 3 Hidden Springs Review

      Hidden Springs has a irresistible attraction to the rich and famous who are looking for relaxation and who want to escape their day to...

Sims 3 Hidden Springs Walk-through video!

  Game Guys via News 10 have posted a walk-through video of Hidden Springs with one of the world creators from EA!  Check out a first hand...

Sims 3 Hidden Springs Content & Screens

  For those of you who have not yet jumped into the "Hidden Springs" binge, I though it would be helpful to see exactly what...

The Sims 3 YouTube – Hidden Springs Giveaway!

  The Sims team is giving everyone a chance to win Hidden Springs!  Head over to their YouTube Channel to enter!

Sims 3 Hidden Springs Feature Video (German)

  Video Link   [youtube]   Source: LosSims100 & Rincon Del Simmer  

Walmart – Pre Order Sims 3 Hidden Springs Code

  Walmart has listed Hidden Springs for pre order! If you prefer getting your code in a box for a few cents cheaper than the...

Sims 3 Hidden Springs Box Cover

  So as you all know, Hidden Springs is coming soon to retail stores as a "code in a box". Today, The Sims 3 Czech...
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