Platinum Simmers Review Hidden Springs!

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Wondering about Hidden Springs?  Well Platinum Simmers has a review up for you to read!


After a few hours of Sims fans anxiously jabbing their refresh buttons, Hidden Springs finally hit The Sims Store. Thanks to The Sims UK Team, we got in right away and had a look around the new town.

Loading up Hidden Springs from the main menu
My first thought as the town loaded was… “WOW that’s green!”. I mean this town is so green and lush … it’s just amazing. But the fact that it’s broken up with three different types of roads makes it a little less overwhelming.


Hidden Springs is extremely green and lush!

As an avid Legacy Challenge player, the first thing I did was check out the prices of all the empty lots. Unfortunately, there are none that fit the rules of the challenge in this neighbourhood, so Legacy Challengers will need to cheat their money down before they can start the game.