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The ESRB Rates Hidden Springs (Teen)

  We already  knew EA was releasing Hidden Springs as a "code in a box"  in Europe, but the latest ESRB rating confirms it will hit...

Hidden Springs Code Coming To a Box Near You

  SimCookie has discovered that Hidden Springs will be coming to retail stores as a "Code in a Box". ABC Software is the first retailer...

Reminder: Sale Price Ending Soon for Hidden Springs!

  So you know that awesome $2.00 discount EA gave us for Hidden Springs?  Well, it will be included back into the price this Saturday....

Lazy Game Reviews Barnacle Bay & Hidden Springs!

  Lazy Game Reviews has just done a new type of review...Sims 3 Store Worlds. Check it out! :mrgreen:    

The Sims 3 YouTube – Hidden Springs Giveaway!

  The Sims team is giving everyone a chance to win Hidden Springs!  Head over to their YouTube Channel to enter!

Hidden Springs FOY & Spell Book Animation Conflict

  For those of you who do have Hidden Springs and have noticed a lack of animations and "glitters" from the Fountain of Youth (and spell...

Infinite Sims Reviews Hidden Springs!

  Yeay another Review! :D  Head on over to Infinite Sims for another Hidden Springs review!   From the rustic houses, and small town life to the...

Sims 3 Hidden Springs Content & Screens

  For those of you who have not yet jumped into the "Hidden Springs" binge, I though it would be helpful to see exactly what...

SimHrvatska Reviews Hidden Springs

  Another Hidden Springs Review!  This time from our friends over at SimHrvatska!   Hidden Springs is the perfect city for Sims who want to escape from...
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