Infinite Sims Reviews Hidden Springs!

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Yeay another Review! 😀  Head on over to Infinite Sims for another Hidden Springs review!


From the rustic houses, and small town life to the posh uptown living of wealth and fame – Hidden Springs has it all. The newly released neighbourhood pack for The Sims 3, brings all walks of life together.  The town boasts brand new, never before seen styles for all the buildings, every single building has been redesigned to give it the best suitable look to fit into this new neighbourhood!

Who’s who?


With any new town, we get new families to do our bidding, Hidden Springs is no different and comes with many new selections to choose from. So far my favorite has been the Vanderburgs so lets speak about them a bit; the Vanderburgs are one of the more posh families (they actually of royal decent) in the neighbourhood and live in a “mansion”, if I may call it that. The family is composed of Renauld, Catarina and Sebastian. Renauld and Catarina are leaders of the Free World, while their son Sebastian is a patrol officer in the law career. It is also important to know, that Sebastian has a sister Francisca too – but Catarina has driven her away, as she has been trying to marry her children off – so the relationship between Catarina and Francisca is very rough at the moment!