Gamescom – Pets PC via EA Germany

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EA Germany @Gamescom, has listed a short summery of Pets! Check it out!

Thanks to iSims for the tip!


The autumn is coming! From 20 October comes and Plains Appaloosa with this delightful corner of the earth-Sims simple animal roommates. Today was the EA Community Lounge in a presentation held with the developers and brought much new information on the Sims 3 Add On. Here is a brief summary of all important points that could elicit the studio. Be interesting to see what awaits you around dog, cat or even unicorn!

First to the magical unicorns that are not quite as noble mind, as one would expect. The mythical creature with the evocative, luminous appearance can have it in themselves and are even capable of things go up in flames. In addition, they can teleport – a real enrichment for all Sims budget who want to impress their guests. Just like their more common relatives, the horse they give up a Sims-grooms, provides your home with regular litter. No escalating work in the barn so. Sure the horses appreciate it very much if they were out riding and training so also. Even your teen Sims can sit in the saddle.



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