Twitter Guru Info bits on Sims 3 Pets!



SimGuruRyan & SimGuruGraham came on Twitter today and have shared some info and confirmed bits and pieces about The Sims 3 Pets. Ā One of the biggest pieces of sad news is that there is no new death in this expansion. šŸ™

I will update if and when there is new Pets Tweets by Gurus


  • Ā Yes there are stirrups for horses
  • There are Pet Houses, Cat Condos etc
  • Ā It is NOT true that Pets will only have one baby.
  • Ā Sorry, no new death type in Pets! We do have some very cool new moments with the Grim Reaper though as he comes to take pets away… I love his interaction with the horse!
  • Ā Horses can Train themselves, Ā but it’s much better when a Sim is helping train them!
  • Ā Puppies and kittens have stumpy legs… They do need some help from Sims getting up and down stairs. Horses don’t use the stairs at all – they’re much better off staying outside and in their new barns
  • Ā Definitely, all of our playable animals can become ghosts
  • Ā You can build a barn in any shape or size you please – in most situations though, each horse will need their own box stall to live in.
  • Ā There are different tail lengths – just one of the awesome things you can do in Create a Pet!