SimTimes Previews Pets (PC)

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Want to get an idea of Pets from someone who was hands on?  Well look no further!  SimTimes has an amazingly long preview of Pets for you to read!


Huge halls, exhibitors and many more people. We are located at gamescom and enter the room where we will spend most of our stay in Cologne The Sims 3. Simply Beastly is already running on one of the PCs that are available for us. On the other hand, The Sims Middle Ages, pirates and nobles are played.

Since the game is already running, we can not say how the loading screen might look like the new addons. But we can directly start in the new neighborhood Plains Appaloosa and immediately plunge us into the Create an animal mode.


The new Create a beast mode is very extensive. In addition to cats and dogs time we can also create horses. There already are several breeds of each animal available. But these are still not all! Overall, give it the final game over 100 different breeds of dogs, even in two different sizes. In addition, you can obviously change a lot of the animals. In addition to hair length, color and pattern, can also be the eyes, nose, face, body, and more adapted to their own ideas. For example, the neck length of the horses.