Platinum Simmers Previews Pets!

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So much info, not enough brain! 😛 Platinum Simmers has their very own preview of Pets, check it out!


We were told more information about the limited edition of Sims 3 Pets. Besides the Pet store selling accessories for your pet you can also buy different small animals in there, ones not present in the regular version of the EP.


Having a ball! The Ball also goes up in the air but hard to see in a picture

As we already knew the new world is called Appaloosa Plains. With all the new rabbit holes there are also 3 new venues. One of them is the equestrian center (rabbit hole) where you can train your horse and enter in competitions to win some prize money. There is also the cat jungle (community lot) where your cat can have a nice time climbing on the new objects and a dog training area (another community lot) that has a swimming pool shaped in a dog bone. Your dog can have a nice swim in the pool; he can’t swim in ponds/sea though. Also when your Sim walks the dog, they use a leash and dogs can have fun chasing a ball.