Whisker-less Cats in Pets?

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Until someone brought it to my attention, I had not noticed that the Cats in Pets do not have any whiskers.  I am a super Cat lover (I have 8!) and seeing all the photos of Cats without whiskers is starting to look a bit gross.

You can see an album full of Cats here, and even check out this up close photo provided by Edenstyle. All these photos show whisker-less Cats, both on their mouth and eyebrows.


I am not one to complain about small detail…but this is not small in my opinion.  Cats have whiskers and there are only a few breeds of Cats that do not have them.  I hope they add whiskers in the final version of this game. Gurus have not answered this question (asked many times) via Twitter, so if anyone can try spamming the chat tomorrow with this question of whiskers..please do. 😆