Create-A-Pet Demo – Jailbreak Mod!

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:mrgreen:  This thread says it all! 😛


This is a Create-A-Pet Demo compatible mod. Do not install this mod on your regular game.

Create-A-Pet Demo is actually a cutdown version of the full Pets Expansion. EA simply redirected the startup to go directly into CAS.

This mod redirects the game back to “Edit Town”, allowing you to see the Test World and place the animals you created in-game.


You will need to have at least one human family in your Library folder, as you cannot place animals on a lot without a human supervisor, and cannot create humans in this Demo (and any human you place will be invisible, as human CAS parts were not provided).

Note: Create-A-Pet is extremely limited. To keep the size down, EA did not provide any objects with the game, so any jig related interactions will fail (most socialization interactions require jig objects).

Essentially you can watch your pets frolic around, and do some self-targeted interactions. Something to keep you occupied for a couple more minutes really.


There will be no further support for this mod.

Cheers. 🙂