RE: Newest 1.26/1.27 (PC & MAC) Patch Issues

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With every patch comes a new issue, and this time around it is regarding 3rd Party Custom Content.  The full extent of the issue is not know yet, however Custom Content will need to be re-done.


Please refer to Crinrict’s bug thread in official forums for anything EA related, and then please make sure to check out MTS for information regarding the CC issues.


Please also be sure to know that existing mods are not compatible with this patch, and I highly suggest everyone keep tabs on Twallan’s progress as mods will not begin to update until he has the game.


There also seems to be a MAC (and maybe Windows) issue with modified changes to certain files. For those of you experiencing this issue, please report in this thread.  So far the only one’s who have reported this issue are MAC users, this may however affect many others as well.