Tracking your Origin Pets Order via UPS!

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Ok, so EA had yet to ship out any shipment confirmations to many of us Simmers, but thanks to AznSensei on official forums, we now have a way to track our orders without Origin!


Hey guys, just an FYI. My order on says “in Process” However I found it on Here is how to see if your game is in UPS’s hands. Mine is. For starters, use your order number of your game from your email or EA order under orders. Go to Enter your “order number”where it says track an order.. it will come up not found. HOWEVER if you look below that after the fact you will see “Track by reference” hit that. THEN Enter your ORDER Number.. I guarontee your order will pop up.
Mine did.


I followed this method and was able to get my tracking number and see it’s progress. Just use the Reference tracking method at UPS’s website. Hopefully this will put many of you at ease!

Seems that I canceled my copy too quickly from EA, however I don’t mind since I will have a copy tonight.  This copy is for whoever wins the competition! :mrgreen: