Video Game Writers Review Pets (PC)

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Video Game Writers has a short review on The Sims 3 Pets for PC. There is also a small paragraph for Console, but who likes console anyway? 😛

When I was 11, I discovered a game called SimAnt. It was a simple game by a company called Maxis, that allowed gamers to control the daily life and movements of an ant colony. It wasn’t a story-based affair by any means, but was strangely addictive. It was my first experience with the “player as god” genre, and while not my most influential game, it certainly deserves honors in the hall of fame. Later I discovered SimCity and had an equally strong love affair.


Maxis took the simulator genre to new heights in 2000 with The Sims. Here was a game that allowed you to control the minutia of people, from their bathroom habits to their love lives. Again, no story to speak of really, but there was the same addictive properties of SimAnt. Each new addition into The Sims family has expanded upon the features of the last, with shinier graphics and tighter control. The Sims 3 is the latest installment, and each expansion added allows you to manipulate (for good or evil) your digital people in entirely new ways.