11/18/11 – New Sims 3 Community Poll (Worlds)

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There is a new community poll up on the Sims 3 website! Again, asking us what type of world we would like to see.  VOTE ALIENS!!!! :mrgreen:


♦ What was a glamorous and exploration-themed weekend getaway on a newly discovered moon has gone awry, and these intrepid vacationers find themselves having to transform themselves into colonists.


♦ Stranded on an alien world, your Sims must utilize the power of science to survive and create a utopian civilization! Cut off from others, your Sims must survive and start a new life.

♦ A large crevice has been discovered in apocolyptic New Sunset Valley. Even with luck on their side, can the descendants of the original Sunset Valley inhabitants survive and thrive amid the ruins?

♦ In a parched wasteland survivors must cope with a harsher environment and quarrelling factions. Amid the ruins of a crash, survivors break into quarreling clans grasping at limited resources.