Community Sites – The Sims Kennel Club & Equus Sims

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There are two new Community websites for Simmers who love their Pets; Real and Virtual! I received an email today by the administrators of two community hosted Websites for Pets. The Sims Kennel Club and Equus Sims!

The Sims Kennel Club is a Sim version of the American Kennel Club. You can head on over to register your purebred Sim dog and participate in Dog Shows. You will receive a registration number and certificate proving your dog is officially registered with the SKC. This can make it easier for you to find homes for your puppies. They also have a breeder listing where they can link to your site if you specialize in a certain breed(s).



When the Sims 3 Pets was released, Equus Sims thought it would be a great idea to keep a running studbook for Arabians and Hanoverians (their two favorite breeds). This way, people could register their horses with us and have certifiable Arabians or Hanoverians, and we could keep track of the development of the breeds within the community.  The Registry Index, which keeps tabs on all the currently open registries, has grown exponentially and nearly all of the breeds they had hoped would get a registry, have! Head on over and check it out!