SimGuru’s & Some Showtime Tid Bits!

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Here are a few small tid bits of info from SimGuru’s Graham, Britt, Snelson & Megan!


♦ No Diving Boards

♦ No New Elevators

♦ Animations for singers are tailored to the hand held microphone.

♦ You will know when NPCs are having shows so you can attend. Check the newspaper and the town map.

♦ No Slow Dancing yet. <–Yet!

♦ There is a Social Bunny Stage Prop

♦ You can now change the career outfits for all careers in all games.

♦ The stage can be on top of any flat floor that has enough room for it. I believe the outdoor stage in the park is built on top of a foundation

♦ Sims in the same household can attend a show as the singer or audience member.

♦ When Simfest takes place in the park in the center of town, I send my Sim over to enjoy the performances by everyone else.

♦ Katy Perry won’t actually be a Sim wandering around your neighborhood, but the Collector’s Edition does come with special new CAS assets like hair and clothes that would let you create her.

♦ While on vacation (WA) you can still place the venues, but you can’t perform as a singer/acrobat/magician because you’re on vacation!

♦ SimPort lets you access your friends for you to host and send Sims. Yes, you’ll need to be connected to the internet to use SimPort. Your Sim performs in your friends town, but they don’t control your Sim.

♦ You can add friends in-game (don’t need to be on TS3 to add friends), but to add a friend, they have to have a TS3 account.

♦ There are a bunch of new trees and terrain paints!

♦ You can take silly, romantic, or normal photos alone or with a friend in the PhotoBooth.

♦ Leveling up the guitar will allow your singer Sim to play the guitar on stage while singing.

♦ All performers perform under a stage name, but you choose it, so you can always just make it the same as your Sim’s regular name

♦ Going into most of the venues is just like going into the library or art museum. You can only go into them when there is a show happening.

♦ You won’t be able to do any career-related things while on vacation… but you *might* still be able to play as a DJ

♦ We do have new collectibles! A new fish and a new insect!

♦ We do have some new recipes, and two new ingredients!

♦ You unlock songs in diff. genres as your singer gets better. When you perform, you can pick any unlocked song

♦ You can send a Simport request out to ALL of your friends, but only one friend may accept and host your Sim.

♦ You can share your accomplishments in SimPort via Facebook and Twitter and your new Player Profile and Wall.