In Game Screens of February African Hairstyles

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Below are in-game screens of the hairstyles that come with the February Africa Inspiration Collection . All photos are in order of the links provided below.

❗ Please excuse the low quality of these photos. I will have a full post with clothing and the new Premium Content later tonight from my gaming rig. Photos will be much better. 😛


Modern Braids


♦ Urban Kufi

♦ Close Curls Hairstyle

♦ Ornamental Beads Hairstyle

♦ Feathers and Braids

♦  City Side Braids

♦ Scarf Wrap Hairstyle

♦ Silk Wrap Hairstyle


Africa Inspiration: Modern Braids
Africa Inspiration: Kufi Africa Inspiration: Urban Kufi Africa Inspiration: Close Curls Hairstyle Africa Inspiration: Ornamental Beads Hairstyle Africa Inspiration: Feathers and Braids Africa Inspired: City Side Braids Africa Inspiration: Scarf Wrap Hairstyle Africa Inspiration: Silk Wrap Hairstyle