Sims 3 Store: February 2nd 2012 Sets!

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January 2012 Compilation (3500 SP) – (What the &$^#@%!?!!!)

Jan Comp

Africa Inspiration Collection (1400 SP) – The vibrant colors, traditional textiles and must have hairstyles of our Africa Inspiration collection will certainly inspire a life of adventure for your Sims!


Adventurous Life Compilation! (2000 SP)– Though it is a well proven fact that adventure is its own reward… with the VC Rock Wall, Safari Living home decor, and the Africa Inspirations clothing and hairstyle collections the rewards of living a life full of adventure will soon belong to your Sims too!


Feb 2

Safari Living Set (650 SP) – With the Safari Living Home Decor Collection, your “totally true” tales of action, peril and safari adventure become at least 43% more believable when recited in close proximity to any one of our unique safari furniture and/or decor items! Take it from us; for unquestionable adventure authentication, the Safari Living Collection is all the proof you’ll need.

feb 3

Updated Prius V Set *FREE* (Click “Download New Content”) – Surprise your Sim today with brand new items inspired by the Prius v. Enjoy these new additions; a surfboard sculpture, a new barbeque, a high end electric stereo, a custom guitar and a whole mess of sports gear to help your Sim stay connected and efficient! Download today!