Fraizes Auz Sims – Sims 3 Showtime Preview!

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– 3 new careers: (The same type as those ambitions), apply from your PC or your newspaper.
– Singer: basic weekly income: $ 275
– Wizard: basic weekly income: $ 275
– Acrobat: basic weekly income: $ 275
You start at the bottom of the scale for each of these careers and it will lead you to evolve. As to your ascent, you unlock new clothing and accessories scene (you can not use the magician’s box early in the career “magic” for example). You will have to complete daily tasks to evolve.
3 new features:
Born artist: They are never as comfortable as on a stage and never happier than in front of an audience.
Diva: They know they are fantastic … Do not you dare forget it! When they are good, they are fantastic and when they are bad, they are the best.
Ultrasociable: they are happy in interacting with other sims and do everything to attract attention to themselves.
3 new long-term wishes:
Master Magician: Reach level 10 magic career
Voical Legend: Reach level 10 of the singing career
Master of Acrobats: Reach level 10 career Acrobat