The Guardian: Sims 3 Showtime Hands On

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I know what you’re thinking … after five updates already, how much more can they possibly squeeze out of the moneypit/sandbox that is The Sims 3? In fairness, though, this one does seem to have a few features that fans may soon find indispensable as well as a theme clearly designed to appeal to whole new audience. As such, Sims 3: Showtime is looking like the franchise’s most extensive re-tweak in a long while and possibly the last before Sims 4.

Showtime’s theme reflects the current reality talent show zeitgeist; it’s all about turning wanabes into divas, literally one stage at a time. In addition to your usual pursuits of socialising, cruising and accessorising your world, Showtime gives you three new careers – that of a Magician, Acrobat or Singer, with an additional DJ career for moonlighters.