Urbania Sims – Showtime Preview! *No Game Skills*

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Urbania Sims has an entire Q&A on their site, and it answers lots of questions! The first question answered is about Skills. They have confirmed that Singing, DJ-ing, Acrobatics & Magic will not have any skill advancements. Expertise will be hidden and gained as a performer advances.


Q1 / What are the skills associated with careers? Sims how can they work? Are there new objects for the Sims are exercised?
Unfortunately, we have not seen any new skill presented. In any case, not the level of skill that is visible in the Journal of competence.

By cons, some objects have a hidden skill. This is particularly the case of billiards, which also helps to learn four “tricks” quite amusing when the Sims makes (especially when not known ^ ^). There are two pool tables, a classic one, much more futuristic.


These four tricks are:

– Ta tala tata .. Tsoin Tsoin (with, on the carpet, xylophone)

– The blender where the goal is to start the blender with the white ball. (When the shot misses, the balls are ejected and the Sims is hiding under the table to protect themselves …)

– The magic Gnome (or how to attack gnomes with billiard balls)

– The cup red: the aim is to bring the ball into the cup placed on the carpet.


We were extremely disappointed that no skill was not associated with the DJ mixer, but we hope that, like dancing, it is a hidden skill … For now, there is nothing to tell, unfortunately.