Sacramento’s News 10 – Sims 3 Showtime Preview

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To quote many a performer:  It’s showtime!

In this case, though, by “showtime” what’s meant is The Sims 3: Showtime — the next expansion for EA’s The Sims 3 franchise.

While there is much within Showtime that could be considered standard for a The Sims 3 expansion (jobs, items, town, etc.), it’s in how these additions are executed that make Showtime a bit different.  Nowhere is this more prevelant than with the four jobs (three full-time and one part-time) with which Sims 3 players can become employed.

“Typically the careers will be done out of sight as you see [your Sims] go off to an office job and come out at five o’clock.  [The developers] created active professions a couple of expansions ago and we really wanted to run with that in a new direction,” said The Sims 3 Senior Director Aaron Conners.