Tickled Pink Sims – Showtime Interview!

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Today I had the privilege to chat to SimGuruAaron a Sims 3 Showtime Producer on Skype. I still can’t believe how fortunate it is to talk to someone with such an insight of The Sims 3 Showtime expansion pack and the game in general, his passion for the game is refreshing as it is always when you talk to the Guru’s who work on the game.

I was suppose to have 20mins one on one chat with him that ended up being stretched to almost 50mins he was great to talk to and down to earth. I got to ask him a few questions and he gave me some info that I haven’t heard yet, I am excited to be able to share, we chatted about the game and how The Sims has evolved over the years. SimGuruAarons dedication for not just Showtime but for The Sims was exceptional.