Upcoming Sims 3 Game Achievements

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SimGuru’s have confirmed they will be releasing the new “My Page” changes prior to Showtime’s release. With those changes will come a patch that adds the new in game social features, as well as the newly introduced Sims 3 Achievements for PC.

To prepare for the release of these minor “badge unlocking achievements“, we have created a list of the initial 153 achievements. These badges will be publicly displayed on the Sims3.com “my page”, once the changes take effect next week (March). Guru’s have confirmed they will add new achievements weekly, and many of the achievements will be time sensitive.


Click the link below to familiarize yourself with these new achievements, and prepare those Sims of yours for Badge War! 😛

❗ Please note that achievements may be added, changed or eliminated, come release time. 


Sims 3 Achievements (PC)