New Sim – Helen Frost by SimsVIP

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Helen Frost (CC Free)



I was poking around in CAS today, and I decided it was time for a new Sim! To bring some new mystery and excitement to my game, I decided to create a Sim with a story. I’m not a story teller, but I did try my best! 😛


Helen Frost was revived by a search and rescue team in Riverblossom Hills when she was only a child. She was found underwater in a pond, after an Avalanche swept the town.


After years of rehabilitation, doctors have decided Helen is now able to live a normal adult life. Will she be able to move on and forget that awful day?


You need the following items/games to receive Helen Frost as is…

Sims 3 Generations, Sims 3 Late Night, Sims 3 Fast Lane, Sims 3 Master Suite, Peek-A-Boo Bathing Suit , Dolled Up Dress



 Exchange Link Direct Download (SimsVIP)



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