Sims Nieuws – Lunar Lakes Review

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The new World Lunar Lakes is a fantastic World full fantasy and perfect for Sims who want to escape from daily life. The story of Lunar Lakes is about the surviving Sims who landed on this alien planet, after their spaceship went down. The Sims left their spaceship in the middle of the town and built a building around it. The surviving Sims used their own technology from their planet and combined this with the found crystals, and that is how they survived on Lunar Lakes.

These smart Sims knew how to survive in this way, because of this they have been on Lunar Lakes for a couple of generations now. They built roads, created agriculture and founded a lively colony. But is Lunar Lakes something for the Simmer who does not like fantasy? In this review we, Nina and AnsjJ2, want to give you as much information on Lunar lakes as we can and we want to show you whether this world is worth purchasing.