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Sims 3 Lunar Lakes On Sale Until 6/20/12

  With the announcement of Lucky Palms just underway, it seems that the Sims 3 Store team has discounted Lunar Lakes for a limited time....

Download The Lunar Lakes Crystal Rocks (Free)

  It was a known mistake that the world team left out the Crystal Rocks from Lunar Lakes, but they are now available to download!

Sims 3 Lunar Lakes Feature Video (German)

  Video Link [youtube]  

Lazy Game Reviews Lunar Lakes!

  Watch it Now! :mrgreen:    

Sims Nieuws – Lunar Lakes Review

    Introduction The new World Lunar Lakes is a fantastic World full fantasy and perfect for Sims who want to escape from daily life. The story...

Reminder: Lunar Lakes Sale Ends Monday (2/27)

  Just a quick reminder for those of you that would like to purchase Lunar Lakes on Sale (2,250 SP), this sale will end on...

Sims Network – Extensive Lunar Lakes Review

    Intro So I recently got my hands on Lunar Lakes, the new world created by The Sims Studio. It's amazing, but you'll see that in...

Populate Lunar Lakes with Community Creations

  If you have or want some awesome futuristic or "Lunar Lake-y" creations, feel free to check out some of the awesome community creations! From...

PinguinTech – Sims 3 Lunar Lakes Review

    Years ago, some brave Sims in their quest through space on this alien planet go when their spaceship broke down. Meanwhile, this world, which the...

Lunar Lakes – Interview with Sim Creator Sam Breach

  Sims 3 Community Blog   Sam Breach is the lead artist overseeing Sim creation for worlds. Sam, can you tell us about the Sims in Lunar...